No One Does It Better - Soul Decision

* If I can't have anybody else but you
Baby don't you know what you put me through
I don't want anybody else it's true
No one does it better than you

Babe don't you know that I want you to call
Tell me what's up, on your mind or maybe you don't want my love at all
I thought I deserved more than that I give you all the love that I can

** I know what I've gotta do, gotta get through to you and make you understand that

[Repeat *]

Oh ho...

If you want to ride all night I'm waiting come inside
But you want to go then you know don't leave me all alone
Don't waste my time, I think I deserve more than that I've given you all that I can

[Repeat ** , * , *]

Anybody, anybody

And baby in my dream, I make love to you and I do everything that you want me to
Don't even think that I'm not for real I'll go crazy, you'll drive me insane
Oh, what does it better than you

[Repeat * , * , *]

No one does it better than you

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