Burn Us Alive - South Park Mexican

[South Park Mexican]
Wizard of oz. at the age of 14
In New Orleans I met my first dope fiend
A rock and roll king, but this was no dream
Spend so much cash they call me Mean Joe Green
On the protein caught a case of bullplein
Money to be made when my cell phone ring
Sip codine hoes say I'm so mean
When my n_ggas freestylin' bout the same old thing
Cuz I'm serving the white and smoking the green
All the real motherf_ckers you'll know what I mean
A cut from my G's it means nothing to me
To turn my b_tch out and let em' f_ck her for free
Cuz I know you, and you know me
I got n_ggas that'll front me two whole keys
True homies that learn to survive
Lord knows that these streets try to burn us alive

Lord knows that these streets try to burn us alive [4x]

I remember way back way back in the day (day)
Used to be broke now this rap sh_t pays me
Ugh, me and Los had a million dollar scheme (what?)
Platinum, at the age of 17
But that ain't sh_t (n_gga) and I don't give a f_ck
Used to roll around in a beat up pickup truck
Used to sit back blow a sweet sip drank
But lost my n_ggas but I'm still stuck in the deep game
Hustlin' all night, keeping your money tight
You think you blow us up and everything gonna be alright
Man, kiss my baby make the game my wife
Don't make me cock my sh_t and put one in your life
You trying to take this because you hate this (b_tch)
You'll know when I am through just to make this (b_tch)
And man believe me homie, n_gga I'm a survivor
(lord knows that these streets try to burn us alive)


[Happy Perez]
Now is you in or out, can't be caught in between
So quick decisions, we swishin' is you thinking of being
See wearing this or that can be something you claim
You put in all in one thing and be described as your name
Again the do's and don'ts
Make sure you know what you swish
Sprays of family get your love treat your hoe like a b_tch
It's the ups and downs of the lives that we live
Some n_ggas f_cking around so with their wife and their kid
A lot of give and take, nobody said that it'd be easy
The cheddar ain't always cheesy, the wind ain't always breezy
Believe me from here to there and back
It's all the same like making cane turn to crack for stacks
And black jacks to craps every bait is covered
And break the bread with my brothers
But can't forget my mother
She told me live and die by everything you try
(and lord knows that these streets try to burn us alive)

Lord knows that these streets try to burn us alive [2x]

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