Stars In Your Eyes - Starmania Allstars

When I woke up this mornin' (mornin')
I couldn`t believe that it was me
Cause i been tryin constantly
to see if you just want me baby

If you wanna live your dreams
spread your arms out and sing

Cause you know I`m gonna bring
true pleasures and fantasies - baby

I?ve been waiting,waiting for so long
to get with you (get with you)

Oh yes I do

I`m gonna take the sacrafice
I`m gonna go straight ahead

You gonna see a different side of me
that is gonna make you beg

[Chorus: All]
Spread your wings and fly, up to the sky
out to the stars, you got the stars in your eyes
Is it a dream, that happend to you and me
follow your heart, you got the stars in your eyes

Tell me what you wanna do
is this all just good for you
Or am I turnin your head upside down?
consider me the hottest thing in town

This is were I wanna be just take me to our destiny
That`s what I just had to say, so don`t you be afraid (yeah yeah]

We gonna make you fly (fly, fly, fly, ...)
We gonna make you fly (make you fly, make you fly)

[Chorus:All, 2x]

This is how we go from here and we gonna last for years
Cause we`re never gonna lose our starmania
competition is ready but we`re having fun

Now it's time to feel your soul, alright
alright (yeah yeah)

[Chorus: All]

You got the stars in your eyes

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