Hallways - State Faults

I watched you float away past the terrible machines
From a guilty bride and a heavy heart cemented to my sleeve
I feel your ghost looking down at me and it's getting hard to breathe
With you standing on my chest, I guess I'm dying for some sleep
And all the promises we wont keep
Hospital beds, fluorescent white
Your gasping breath, your fading eyes
Begging me, they haunt me every night
The morning light dancing through the blinds
Of the house we built on a love that died
You don't live here anymore, but I still feel you
Deep in my bones
Receiver, receive her
"Level this home"
Just let me sleep here
"Winter is nigh"
I can't leave, dear
It's all in my head
'Cause I'm a hallway lined with ghosts
Can you smile now?
Is heaven what we dream?
Can you forgive us both for being so naive?
For both our selfish hearts, this my apology
Is all I have to give my everything

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