She's on The Rag - Steel Panther

Every girl in the world has feminine needs
Every day of the month a vagina bleeds
Every man has balls filled with his seed
Seeking out every hole is vagina greed

She didn't want to disappointment me
She couldn't bear to tell the truth
She didn't want to ruin the moment
She had to f_ck someone in the group

Now there's blood on my hands, blood on my face
Blood on my d_ck, all over the place, now I know

She's on the rag [x4]

Every dude wants to f_ck whenever he can
You can't blame a dude, cause a dude is a man
Any man will admit it's a little sick
When it looks like a murder scene all over his d_ck

I didn't see the signs a showing
Or the visit from Auntie Flo
She was on her knees and blowing
And I was 4 fingers deep in a camel toe

Now there's blood on the walls, blood on the lamp
Blood on the roadies, blood on the amps, now we know..

She's on the rag [x5]

She's on the rag but the whole band got inside
Wish we would have known she was riding the Crimson Tide
So the next time you got a chance to get inside
Make sure she ain't on the cotton pony ride
She'll soil your sheets and she'll spoil your pride
Having period on your face, ain't very dignified

Who wants blood on your cock, blood on your balls
Flowing like a bloody Niagra Falls
Runaway man..

She's on the rag [x3]

She'll get that blood on your dong, blood on your car
Blood on your brand new Fender guitar, better get it tested

She's on the rag [x4]

Better not wear white pants next time, baby

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