Tomorrow Night - Steel Panther

First Verse
The food will be great and the drinks will be free
and all the sexy girls'll wanna party with me
The weed will be toked and Colombian coke
Will be snorted off some stripper boobs and that's no joke

It's the party of the century that's right
Unfortunately it's tomorrow night

I'm going to a party
Tomorrow night, tomorrow night, yeah
I'm gonna get some p_ssy
Tomorrow night, tomorrow night
But tonight I'm gonna jerk off (Aww, feels good!)

Second Verse
It's in Beverly Hills they got prescription pills
and Kiefer f_cking Sutherland is coming to chill
They got sushi and rice, Lowembrau is on ice
In the living room they're playing naked Twister and dice

Pre-chorus 2
The security and p_ssy will both be tight
But I'm on the list for tomorrow night

But tonight I'm playing Angry Birds
Like a million other stupid nerds
Tonight I'm gonna burp the worm BY MYSELF!

Guitar Solo

Third Verse
Ponies and Clowns, they'll be walking around
Naked People having sex all over the ground
Britney Spears is making out with Christopher Walken
In the backyard Iron Maiden is rockin'
The couch is on fire and nobody cares
Charlie Sheen is winning in the bedroom upstairs YEAH!

Tomorrow night, Tomorrow Night

I'm going to a party
Tomorrow night, tomorrow night
Tomorrow night, YEAH, WOOOOOAH

Get some slick' em on my hangdown!
Some lip on my d_ck


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