Since You Took Your Love Away - Steps

Holdin you so gently, I gave you room to breathe,
Now all i feel is empty, Why did you have to leave?
What happened to forever,
Aint nothing built to last?
My whole world could shatter,
Its fading fast, yeh im fading fast

I need someone to save me,
You dont know until youve been in love
I need to find a way back
But i dont know if im strong enough
And though im longing for yesterday,
I guess theres really nothing left to say
Coz now that's just a memory
Since you took, your love, away.
Since you took your love away.

Im trying to forgive you, but im not proud to say,
That after all we've been through, Its hard to find a way.
Im trying not to hate you, for pushing me aside
But when a heart is breaking,
Its hard to hide, Yes this heard could die now,


Bridge (instrumental)
You took your love, oh baby,
Now i need you,

Chorus x3

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