It Was Happiness - Steve Winwood

We had the stars-they kept shining
Where they led us we followed
Two for love-wandering
I look back-here?s what I see
We were outside-there was paris-it was raining
And we felt everything
In a crowded street in london-happiness
And we were so alive
And your soul was a wide and deep blue sea
I would drown, and you?d rescue me
And we lived our life like a story
Clear to the ending

It was happiness-so clear-happiness
Happiness-no tears-happiness

Can?t keep time from it?s running
Soon the best times are over
Photographs-hold me
And I see how good we were
There was that day out in carmel, california
With no clothes in the sun
In a crowded street in london-happiness
And then it all goes by
So I drink to the past and what still will be

One day I?ll be a memory
But I lived my life like a story
Too bad there?s an ending

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