Someone Like You - Steve Winwood

I?ve tried to live my life alone
Independence, freedom was my own
But there was a loneliness I could not ignore
I knew deep down I needed more
In my life I needed a feeling
Of a love to come over me
I felt the truth and so I prayed for

Someone like you to hold my hand
Someone like you to understand
Someone like you to stand by me
All my life, yeah, all my life - someone like you

I remember laying eyes on you
After we spoke deep inside I knew
I can feel the happiness your soul brings to me
Your presence makes my world complete
And I know you know what I?m feeling
There?s a love coming over me
And it?s true, what I?ve waited for, your sweet and precious love

I felt there was an emptiness
I didn?t know what was missing
I didn?t know how to quench it
You are the answer to all my prayers
You are the one that I needed
You are the one I believe in
Oh, I believe in

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