In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks

Every night you
You tell me everything
Is going to be fine
You calm my nerves when
You hold my hands
Yeah, it feels so fine

I'm just at the other end of your night
I'm always in and out of your light
Right down the middle of all your dreams
In your dreams

Every night you
You love to hear me sing
It's going to be fine
You calm my fear down
It's not a problem
No need to cry

Repeat chorus

Are all those tears necessary
For all that pain that you carry?
You just send those tears away
Come in out of the darkness
It's a beautiful day

Repeat chorus

I'm wishing your wish
I'm wishing my wish
Is going to come true
I'm just a dreamer
A storyteller
It's all about you

Repeat chorus twice

In your dreams

Ahhh in your dreams

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