Money Talks - Sticky Fingaz feat Raekwon

[Sticky Fingaz]:
'Twas the night before twistmas
And all through the house
We had guns and money around
Layin' on the couch
Was dressed all in black

Everybody want me, I created thieves
Why I'm almost as important as the air you breathe
I been through hard times, when it wasn't enough for me
Stick a weak kid'll have you livin' in luxury
I'm the reason n_ggas sellin' drugs to fiends
I'm the reason some parents gotta bury they kids
And I'm the reason why your cousin on the run from Feds
I've been through customs, borders
I've been handled by authorities
Drove people crazy when they couldn't see more of me
I've been saved, I've been buried alive
Say my nam enough and any n_gga'll testify
Who you think lad that whole seller ass that time
All by myself, I created black on black crime
I'm America's Most, I'm tatted up with ghosts
Even my hand go big, from net to gross
I'm emotionless, yet I breathe jealousy and envy
People kill for me or die to defend me
But in the end am I really worth the sun
Rich people make me work for them
And poor people work for me
Who am I? n_gga I'm money
Who am I? n_gga I'm money

[Chorus - Raekwon]:
See the gun wound, went down for you
Who ran up in the house, duke
Caught one from he and for who
When n_ggas was ready to murder me
You stayed up in the crib, like a b_tch
Lookin' ill, and it's lurkin' me (for who?)
I got stabbed for you
Yo, shot up the ave for you
Should stop blowin' the cabs for you (for who?)
Chill, some n_ggas called crabs for you
Holdin' them garbage bags for you
Ill, blowin' them hags for you

[Sticky Fingaz]:
I resort to evil, I don't grow on trees
I'm called by different names, chips, scrilla, cream
And I'm always green whether dirty or clean
Gettin' ya hands on me is the American dream
I'm more powerful than God, or Razale
Cause when you pray to God n_gga, you pray for me
I'm an exchange hand to hand, with heave weapontry
This one couple f_cked on me, and slept on me
Up in the dice games n_ggas stepped on me
Bet on me, couldn't pay, bled on me
I enslaved populations, and controlled masses
I come in all forms, coins, paper, plastic
Even credit, I.O.U.
You work for me n_gga, I own you
If you are smart, you make me work for you
All ya life you try and get me and it's hurtin' you


[Sticky Fingaz]:
If you had a million of me, what would you do with me yo?
Would you blow me in a month and have nothin' to show?
Or would you invest in me and watch me grow?
Take me to the streets and flip me from do' to sto' to do'
I underseen things I wish hadn't seen
I came between loved one and families
A n_gga kill his old man to get his hands on me
Got secret enscriptions, examine me
Wanna find me, the bank machine is where I be
And showed 'em to a hundred grand, F.D.I.C.
I'm more notorious than the B.I.G.
I'm so money, who don't wanna be like me?

[Chorus x2]

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