State vs. Kirk Jones - Sticky Fingaz feat Canibus, Guess Who, Rah Digga, Redman, Superb & Scarred 4 Life

[Rah Digga]:
Yeah, State vs. Kirk Jones, judge battle now residing
Got a case of armed robbery that ended up in violence
Maximum sentence, life in jail's what you facin'
Prosecution set it with your opening statement

Your honor, before we get started
I'd like to give my condolences to the family of the dearly departed
Tyrone survived by his mother Barbara
His two year old daughter T'wanna
And the baby's mama Sandra
(He's a murderer, that animal killed my baby's father)

[Rah Digga]:
Order in the court

I'm sorry for the outburst your honor
I have an original copy of the police report
January the 4th the day that Kirk Jones got caught
The forensic report states there was a gun in the car
And gunpowder residue on Mr. Jones' arm
Baliff, could you please pass this report to Judge Battle
Mr. Fitzpatrick there's a few questions I'd like to ask you
You said you was outside the store in Manhattan
So could you please tell this court what you saw happened

Yeah he killed Tyron
I saw everything, the argument
How son drawed hose and everything
The worst sh_t I saw in my life
I wanna testify I swear to God it was Kirk Jones, no lie

Did you see that man in court today?
Do you think that you could point him out?

Yeah, that's him right there

Are you sure?

Yeah, without a doubt
Same n_gga that took my Pumas, but I ain't hold no grudge
Remembered his foul ass when I saw the blood

You stated you you had a run in with Kirk Jones before
In your opinion, is he the type that would rob a jewelery store?

Your honor, objection
His opinion should be stricken from the record

[Rah Digga]:
Objection sustained, prosecution next question

I'd like to call my next eyewitness, Mr. Paul Dejour
Paul could tell us what happened inside the store?

[Scarred 4 Life]:
Yeah, it was about 20 past, I saw the S-class
Pull up in the reflection in the mirror in the store glass
And quicker than you could say, n_ggas kiss my ass
He hopped out of the passenger side with a black ski mask
I saw somebody run up in the store and order us on the floor
Yo, I swore I was a goner for sure
He tried to snatch Tyrone's bracelet
It just appraised to the twenty grand and Tyrone won't let him take it

Is that the moment when he shot him?

[Scarred 4 Life]:
Yeah man, that's when he popped him
I was so scared I laid there, played oppossum
He started to blast this way, til the gat was empty
He took the gun handle and broke the glass display
He emptied all of the trays and ran out the store
And I watched Tyrone bleed to death on the floor
I can't remember no more, that's all that...

Okay, okay, calm down
I have no further questions your honor

[Rah Digga]:
Court is now in session, now gettin' back to business
Pat Heeley for defense please call your first witness

Yeah, aight your honor, I call up Henry Lace
He's the witness that I'm cross-examinin' for the case

[Guess Who]:
Yeah I testify your honor, it was death by dishonor
It was a crime committed, I swear to you I know who did it
It happened so fast, I didn't see a lot of it
But I know for a fact he stuck a gun to his esophagus

Wait, wait, wait objection your honor, his statement's preposterous
There was no weapons found, no sign of no hostages
Remember Mr. Henry Lace you under oath (yeah I know)
You lyin' in the stand to get him fryin' in the pan
Now where was you in the night you claim he shot Tyron
You and homes had beef before Kirk got home
Was you mad because he came home bangin' your chick
(What you talkin' 'bout?)
Got your boys out the hood now they slangin' and sh_t
I know you mad that's why you in court, turnin' on him
Kirk cold blooded killer with no burner on him
Come on you don't believe he murdered Tyrone
I believe you wasn't there you just heard it by phone

[Guess Who]:
Man you crazy man I was right there

Yeah your rapsheet...
Calm down, calm down, chill, chill, Kirk, Kirk...

[Sticky Fingaz]:
No he wasn't, he's lyin', f_ck you, you liar
Man, f_ck that, he's lying, he wasn't even there, man
(He killed Tyrone, man, f_ck that) No I didn't
Man he's lyin' man, he's lyin'

[Rah Digga]:
Order in the court now I'm warnin' the defense
Tell your client take it down, matter fact 'proach the bench
Counsel in my chambers so that we can situate
Let the jury be excuse so they can go deliberate

[Sticky Fingaz]:
Yo man, Mr. Heeley, what kind of defense man
What you doin' man? she gon' f_ckin' hang me man
No, sh-she's got it in for me I'm tellin' you man
You promised you'd get me off man

[Rah Digga]:
In the case of the State vs. Kirk Jones you heard it
Both sides testified and the jury reached a verdict
Guilty all counts from theft to murder one

[Sticky Fingaz]: Huh? wha-wha-what? guilty?

[Rah Digga]:
By the time you gettin' out you gon' have a grandson

[Stick Fingaz]:
F_ck you b_tch, I'll see you in hell b_tch
F_ck that, f_ck that, f_ck, get off me, f_ck you Pat Heeley

[Rah Digga]:
What? get him out of my courtroom

[Sticky Fingaz]:
F_ck the judge, f_ck everybody

[Rah Digga]:
Baliff, baliff remove him from my courtroom

[Sticky Fingaz]:
F_ck this sh_t, I hope you all burn in hell
You're gonna die b_tch, f_ck you

[Rah Digga:
You will spend the rest of your life in jail for this
You will be held for contempt of court and anything else I can find that...

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