To Christmas! (The Drinking Song) - Straight No Chaser

Well the Pilgrims have left us, the thanks are all given
Black Friday is here, decoratings' begun
By tomorrow the malls will have snow, freshly driven
We've got thirty-one days to Christmas

To Christmas!
Although, it seems early to me
To Christmas!
Outside, it's, like fifty degrees
To Christmas!
The leaves, they still cling to their trees
We got thirty-one days to Christmas!

There's a chill in the air, a spiced latte is calling
The Starbucks cups turning to red like the leaves
We should think about shopping, but instead, we are stalling
We've got twenty-four days to Christmas

To Christmas!
Open a bottle of wine
To Christmas!
December, our favorite time
To Christmas!
Unveil a new corporate design
We've got twenty-four days to Christmas!

Now there's one week to go, which means men can count on
What is starting to think what to buy for their wives
Think of baby, Lord Jesus and now we've got Amazon
We've got seven whole days to Christmas

To Christmas!
Good Lord! Where has all the time gone?!?
To Christmas!
The gift we'll been dependent on
To Christmas!
Which spa is offering a Groupon?
We've got seven whole days to Christmas!

Christmas Eve's finally here and hot Toddy's we're drinkin'
The stockings are hung with the utmost of care
Somewhere in the night, we hear carolers singin'...
"Wassail, wassail all over the town!" (What's Wassail?)
It is just one night 'till Christmas

To Christmas!
Raise a glass while we all CHEERS!
To Christmas!
Fill it with Whiskey or Beer
To Christmas!
It's the most fun time of year
Three sixty-five days to Christmas!

Now the big day is past, and we sit here, perplexed
Post-Holiday blues are upon us, right now
So with nothing to drink to, we look toward the next...
(Carry the one...)
It is only six days to New Year's!

To New Year's!
We all thought the party was done
To New Year's!
Then along comes the Years' biggest one
To New Year's!
I'm sure that we'll have much more fun
We've got six days... to New Year's!

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