Feelings Gone - Styles P

[Intro: Dee Dee Sharp Gamble Sample (Style P) {Female}]
"Cause the feeling - is gooooone! (Ghost!)
And I must - get it back! " {Statik Selektah!}

[Verse 1:]
Trust me, nothing prepares us! (trust!)
They never say gettin' money slows your prayers up! (uh!)
We already in Hell; nothin' can scare us! (nothin'!)
We already fly high, nothin' can air us! (fly hiiigh!)
Came from the underground so I stay grounded,
Astounded - by all the bullsh_t that I founded. (bullsh_t!)
A wise man can lose juice soon as he gain jewels;
Life get real and you think of the pains you grew. (you thinkin'!)
This is that makin' a change, you let your man tell it (let your man tell it!)
Blowin' chronic; am I demonic or angelic? [inhale]
No vanilla Dutch, f_ck it! Get the pain tell it;
Rollin' one sheet; thinkin' 'bout my rap sheet! (think!)
Sellin crack'll have you runnin' like a track meet (RRRRUN!)
Watchin' your back - on every other back street.
I started so young; why you think I'm so numb? (I'm NUMB!)
You can't feel sh_t and only like real sh_t.

[Chorus: Samples]
[Sheek Louch:]
[Scratches] "You can act stupid if you wanna! "
"Li-li-li- like you don't know what block I'm front of! [scratches]
"D-Block - layin 'em down! " [echoes]
"And I ain't never plannin' to stop. - I'm plannin' to rock! "
[Sheek Louch:] "You kno-, you kno-, you know my name, you heard my raps! " [scratches]
[Jadakiss:] "You know my name, [scratch] ain't nuttin' changed! " [scratches]
[Styles P:] "S.P. and I done been through it all! "
[Jadakiss:] "From here on I spit it in rare form! "

[Verse 2:]
The Moon stay quiet but the Sun spoke (sssshhh!)
Still can't blow away the pain with the blunt smoke. [iohale]
Tryna give my daughter and my son hope; (try!)
The sh_t get rough - when you breathin in the gun smoke. (gettin' rrrrough!)
Do it all for a pile of the caaash,
Funny! - But I'm rarely (hahahah!) known to smile when I laugh. (that's all!)
You can say the pain run deep and I wonder:
Do the insane or the sane ones speak? (I wonder!)
And I feel like the devil got chains on me,
I'm inside but I still feel the rain on me. (it's rainin'!)
Like it's comin' through the window or the windshield;
Life full of sins'll have you spinnin' like a windmill. (spinnin'!)
Contract with God is signed and it been sealed (I'm signed!)
See you at the crossroads if everything has been real! (see ya!)
I can feel what you can't,
And the sh_t is vice versa so fear what you can't! - Yeah!


[Verse 3:]
I told you it is what it is; (it is!)
Can't choose how to die but I can choose how to live! (true!)
Thought about it just sittin' where I live,
Just another ghetto n_gga with a million dollar crib. (hahaa!)
No hope! - Then I dropped the E and got hoppin',
And got hip! - Just so I could get a little guap'! (you get it?)
Before that, I used to move rock; (uhh!)
With a 4-to-10 job after school workin' stock. (word!)
Then I said: "F_ck pickin' up a box! " (f_ck that!)
So I sold more drugs, started stickin' mo' spots! (uhh!)
That's why I thank God for this rap sh_t, (thank God!)
N_ggaz be frontin' cause we used to livin backwards.


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