Hater Love - Styles P feat Sheek Louch

[Verse 1: Styles P]
The small talk is irrelevant, gonna kill an elephant
N_ggas look fly and their b_tches look elegant
Let the birds fly like a pelican from NY up to Maryland
Be more careful, them little n_ggas will ear you
Tattoo tears over here, if you dare to, yeah
Wax out the trippy, wax off the other sh_t
Max with the hippies, mac out the window
If n_ggas will act iffy, M's off the piffy
Sh_t is getting sticky like Jiffy
Hood gon' cry, if they hit me
I'm a real ass n_gga, get with me
Cushion to grind and my look is designed
And my dope is raw like it got cooked in China
Always on some other sh_t, even the hating n_ggas is loving it

[Hook: x2]
Even the hating n_ggas is loving it (Even the haters love it!)
Even the hating n_ggas is loving it (Bullsh_t too!)
Even the hating n_ggas is loving it (Word!)
F_ck all the ho ass n_ggas and f_ck the government

[Verse 2: Sheek Louch]
Haters still loving it, but I don't give a f_ck if they didn't
I'm black loving it, poppin' off of some other sh_t
Hand on the tommy, couple of shooters behind me
They trying to take the black man out like Mitt Romney
Me and P, add Kiss too and it's 3D (L-O-X!)
IMAX movie, shine on our watchers is dookey
They love my style, alligator band on a hublot
True Religions on, Louis kicks, all on a big toe (You see me?)
You don't think I've seen a million dollars? I did though
Christopher Wallace money, every night is a big show
Hit the gym, back looking f_cking for Indo
Dundun, b_tch been on my d_ck from the get-go

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Styles P]
It's crack or gat for the dollars
Ride around town in a black Impala
N_ggas can act wild or show a b_tch a mile script
Same ass guns to send an actor to valor
Sort of like the car that gave me no hope
I'm real rugged yet smoother than the bean old soap
I mean body wash, upon the shore is where his body was
It wasn't me, I was smoking weed with his bodyguard
I'm not feeling you, probably made a plan on killing
You ain't rap, n_gga I'm willing to, I'm a mile boss
All day, part of it for departing, I'm like John fold tape
Where P goes is liquid, connect seeds solid though
Any sign of the feds, motherf_cking bombing those
Whole court on the streets before I do 24 years
Being broke is the only thing money fears

[Hook x2]

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