I'm a G - Styles P feat Rell

[12 seconds instrumental]

[Styles P:]
Most of us came from a broken home;
Drownin' in my sorrows, drinkin' liquor, tryna smoke alone. (alone!)
Argue with my wife; so I broke my phone
Throw it on the wall, tryna ball, but they playin' zone! (playin' zone!)
Connect is actin' funny with the work,
Like my money didn't work. - They gon' end up gettin' murked. (murked!)
The label actin' funny with the deal
Like the sh_t that I be spittin' on the record wasn't real! (real!)
Hood mad but they know a n_gga riiide;
But the hate and jealousy - can blow a n_gga high! (high!)
The other day I said I know a n_gga f_cked;
When I played the bodega - it was two dollars for the Dutch. (Dutch!)
To keep it real, we livin in real tiiime,
And I feel a n_gga's pain but they never can feel MINE! (mine!)
And so I'm on the go with the green light,
I don't even sleep; how the f_ck could I dream right?

[Chorus: Rell]
Yeaaaa-eeeee-yeeeaaaahh, eeeee-yeeeeeeahh!
They keep tellin' meee - things gettin' better...
Yeaaaa-eeeee-yeeeaaaahh, eeeee-yeeeeeeahh!
But I'm a do me. - You can say whatever; I'm a Geeee!

[Styles P:]
Ghost - never on the swag sh_t!
Guess it's a sad thing my tarot card is magic. (magic!)
I remember I ain't never have sh_t
December was cold but - February was drastic! (drastic!)
So pardon my n_ggaz and what they traffic;
Or if they seem cold when the murder scene's tragic. (tragic!)
N_ggaz can talk sh_t! (talk sh_t!) - We don't even glimpse.
N_ggaz can get hit. - We don't even wince! (wince!)
Come with an "Entourage" and I don't mean Vince;
Purple ape in a purple Porsche. - Of course I'm playin' Prince! (Prince!)
Or lookin' through the sky light, my light;
And I zip my lips the minute they read my rights. (my rights!)
Blowin on a long Dutch, inhale!
How I lie? I'd rather die than be in jail! (in jail!)
It's all good 'til it's all bad,
And the ugly n_ggaz gon' crash your broad's pad!


[Styles P:]
I keep it movin' in my new J.O.'s
On them blocks - where them young boys move yayo. (yayo!)
They salute like: "Whattup O.G.? " - I salute;
Cause it's the "Wild Wild West" like - Kool Moe Dee! (Kool Moe Dee!)
What they do for a two-door B - and a nice watch?
Blow your brains out when the c_caine price drop (price drop!)
Like: "Yeah, I know my man got life ock; "
"The game don't stop so pull the weed out your night sock! " (night sock!)
Yeah! - It's like that, ain't it?
My Down South n_ggaz that got the Lex painted. (painted!)
My East coast n_ggaz that got the Benz kitted;
Don't it hurt when they snitch and you found out your friends did it? (did it!)
I thought it's 'Money Over B_tches' but
N_ggaz throw money at b_tches so let's kick it! (kick it!)
If you really live by the G code:
Shoot a couple of guns! - Hurry up and reload!


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