It's Ok - Styles P feat Jadakiss

[Styles P:] But it's OK!
[Jadakiss:] Uh-huh!
[Styles P:] Haha!
[Jadakiss:] Yeah! Ha-HAHHHH!

[Chorus: Jadakiss (Styles P)]
N_ggaz talk sh_t about us, - (but it's OK!)
Game ain't sh_t without us, - (but it's OK!)
You know you can't live without us, - (but it's OK!)
But go 'head, you can doubt us! - (Cause it's OK!) [x2]

[Verse 1: (Styles P) {Jadakiss}]
[Styles P:] {Uh!} Checks get cut after the clearance!
What we dealin' with is hard work and perseverance,
Still send a nice ransom note to your parents!
[Styles P:]
I'm a ride this b_tch 'til it needs some ball bearings. (riiiide!) {yeah!}
Tryna renovate the West wing of the mansion. (renovate it!)
[Jadakiss:] I ain't thinkin' recession! - I'm thinkin' expansion.
[Styles P:] I be in the malls. - I don't be in the Hamptons! (MALLS!)
[Jadakiss:] And I'm playin' the wall, - but my chain is dancin'!
[Styles P:]
More than 200 on the dash. - {I'm a tear it!}
You ain't gotta be nice (you ain't nice!) - {to pass off appearance!}
.44-Mag' is the last thing you hearin', (ssshhh!)
[Jadakiss:] If the work don't make it, that's a pass interference! (haha!)
[Styles P:] Shots of Tequila! (shotsssss!) - Shops spendin' calm money at the jeweler;
[Jadakiss:] Spendin' house money at the dealer.
[Styles P:]
Double bag the piff! (double piff!) - {cause the sour need a sealer!}
You wanna see a real n_gga?
[Jadakiss:] I just look into the mirror!


[Verse 2: (Jadakiss) {Styles}]
[Jadakiss:] Uhh! - We about dough! (Never without dough!) {never!}
[Styles P:]
Movin with work outta state - (in and out flow.)
Real lyrical, (RRRREAL!) intro to outro!
[Jadakiss:] Ralph Lauren table, Ralph Lauren couch, yo!
[Styles P:] Ralph Lauren everything I fit up in the house, though! {everything!}
Whattup to them Polo boys?
Who knew Tony couldn't have been Manolo's boy? {uh-uh!}
[Styles P:]
Yeah! - Cartier frames! (Clear lens, though!)
8 series Beemer! - (7 series Benzo!)
Mobster! - (I'll probably go to Hell if my friends go!) (uhh!) {hahahaha!}
Never shoot in a blind fury! {never!}
Diamonds like Sprite. (It's lemon and lime jewelry!)


[Verse 3: (Styles P) {Jadakiss}]
[Styles P:] {Uhh!} - Wreck with the connect? {It's OK!} (with the wreck!)
[Jadakiss:] Hope you brought somebody to test it! - (It's OK!) (hahaha!) {uhh!}
[Styles P:]
Look-out on the look-out. {Said it's OK!} (LOOOOK-OUT!)
We gon' have the fiends singin like Michel'le! (go singin'!)
[Jadakiss:] Bangin' hard like them n_ggaz out in East LA!
[Styles P:] Little weed from the Bay [inhale] and the pink all day! (you know that!)
[Jadakiss:] Still dope money in the gray mink all day! (g'eah!)
[Styles P:] Just do it while {I sit around and think all day! - Hey!}


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