Murda Mommy - Styles P

Rafael and RJ too, good lookin cause
I got a little story to kick on this one
Ghost style

[Verse 1:]
So Authentic
Sitting in a bullsh_t apartment that is rented and my soul's tormented
A big pile of coke, a grimy ass b_tch I don't trust for a minute because her nose all in it
The sh_t's still for sell though, my man went to jail though
Left fifty birds, 10 guns, weed and a scale yo
She hit me on my jack right
I was in the lab blowin' Ackright
In the booth tryna get my stacks right
She said come through, because dinner lookin' mad nice
She went to Shop-Rite and got the chicken for the half price
I'm like this b_tch don't cook, and me and her don't eat
So I know she sweet
Yeah her man went to jail I know he up sh_ts creak
She got keys in the crib I'll get them off this week
So I hopped in the truck yo, blowin on the dutch yo
I know I shouldn't do it but I don't give a f_ck though

[Hook: x2]
If you f_ck with a murda mommy
You gon' f_ck around and have to murder mommy
I'll do her greasy like I never heard of mommy
[?] big poppa can deal with a murder mommy

[Verse 2:]
She said they 12.5
I got 125 on me, I can buy 10 break em' down let em' dive on me
250 can get me twenty though
Sh_t ain't lookin funny though, a n_gga need money though
Half a million can get me forty
Me and my little shorty can kick it like Barry Gordy
Soon as I thought it, heard a knock at the door
Pause, heard a lap cock at the door
That sounds like a Colt.45
Government issued, I'm thinking that I don't wanna die
My sh_t was on my side, pulled it out hit her in the eye
Gun buck, the dumb sl_t wanna die (b_tch)
Door flew in, so did the mass dudes
Cash rules, f_ck that we all gon' blast tools
They hit, she hit, I'm good some g sh_t
Left with the cash in the coat that's P sh_t


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