Red Eye - Styles P feat Jadakiss

[Verse 1: Styles P]
I go with it, I'm so with it
First class flight overseas, I'm low with it
Stretching out the chair, we ain't low in it
Thinking of a house in Cali, can I grow in it?
Throw a booth in the place imagine how I flow in it
Outer-space bars, OZ's to the face ya'll
Ball, bottle, hot tub, in case ya'll
Plush life, laugh a lot, smile a lot
Light it up, bottle pop
Blowing kush from San Diego to Idaho
A long way from the days I used to bottle up
(A long way)
Keeping all of my feelings bottled up
Keeping all of the guns hollowed up
Now we getting rich, getting twisted like Oliver
Money pile it up, yeah
The first go around then again when we follow up

[Hook x2: Jadakiss & Styles P]
Money, Power, Kush, Sour, Haze, Aries, Pills, Powder
Pull it out, cock back, let the lead fly
Then a n_gga gone on the red eye

[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
Living and driving in big sh_t
If I die tonight, f_ck it, my kids rich
Cig sh_t, get your wig split
None personal, real nig sh_t
I'm on fire, you just smoking
Playing tennis with my Kinect, US Open
Blocks my office, no days off it
Loudest persons usually the softest
Coke is gorgeous, ice is flawless
It's repercussions that comes with all this
Gun off safety till they come and replace me
You know what they say, death comes in traces

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Styles P]
More fun than a festival, Audemares in oyster perpetual
Goon n_ggas that turn n_ggas to vegetables
Long as it's coke, being broke is unacceptable
Word to the zero that goes after the decimal
May I double the way I bubble
When ball is the sh_t that brought AI trouble
If rap had a David Stern, believe I'm him
Think not bet the money in your Levi's dead
Digital, analog, always had catalog
The bull for the matador, cause if I see red like the bulls do
Somebody is getting shot and won't pull through
Got more animals than a zoo do
Yeah, it's Ghost The Grand
Motherf_ckers should scram or get killed with they man

[Hook x2]

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