We Gettin - Styles P


Yeah Pools, turn me up
Trey On Da Beatz, I hear your my n_gga
High, fly, sh_t's crazy, you know?

[Verse 1]

Sitting in the dark, sipping on the bark
Reminiscing the days when I was dipping on the narks
Pretty b_tches in high school, tripping off the clarks
Jordan and Nike head, Perry Ellis jeans
Then I learnt that a s_cka n_gga come with a jealous gene
If you from the hood then you know what "whatever" mean
Some making a movie, some n_ggas is never seen
I'm like at the record tryna get me a better scene
If the shoe ain't right - Cut
In the telly with mamma tryna dig out a little guts
Hit it from the back while I roll me a big dutch
No smoking in the telly, but I don't give a f_ck
I still got the bark shots spillin'
N_ggas in the hood either walking or four wheelin'
The shooters get the guns but the hustlers do the dealin'
Move the family to the 'burbs, don't worry 'bout the children

[Hook (2X)]

Homie we gettin' money, homie we gettin' high
Homie we gettin' women, homie we gettin' fly
Do this with no effort, homie we don't try
Homie we gettin' rich, homie we gettin' by
Feel me

[Verse 2]

Usual suspect, when the work hit the dock
The gun jerk first, and then it pop
Rather do the verse devil's ad-libs, then it drops
Got beef with a couple n_ggas, and the cops
I'm in the pickup truck with cinder blocks
You sweeter than cinnabon, you don't want me to bang your block
Big ditch lit, [?]
Run a team of bad boys like I'm [?]
Got classical cost on, Cartier
Watching you watch me, watch you high time
Yeah n_gga, fingers to the eye signs
I'm a funny n_gga but no joke
Said she was from SoHo, I said so ho
I just wanna see you up and down like a yo-yo
Dump a bucket on ya head, no polo
Did you come with a crew, are you solo

[Hook (2X)]

[Verse 3]

Style on them n_ggas like my surname
Hit your girl, left her there, never knew her name
Rappers basketball, I'm dropping fifty, per game
Double digits on the boards, assist too
And I'm on the team with Donnie and big Kiss too
Rocky white, told em, you can't win
Motherf_cker I'm cocky, you can't win
Cocks_cker, this the mafia that you ain't in
For real

[Hook (2X)]


Homie we gettin' money (3X)
Homie we gettin' women (3X)
We do this with no effort, homie we don't try
Homie we gettin' rich, homie we gettin' by (3X)
Homie we gettin' high (3X)
Homie we gettin' fly (3X)
Homie we don't try (3X)
Homie we gettin' by, Feel me

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