Run For Cover - Sugababes

When yous, get me down
Then I, get turned around
I tend to, cut myself off
From things, I shouldn't run from

* It doesn't really matter
Sometimes we run for cover
I'm always on the outside (keep it to myself)

Stabbed me in the back
On did a thing like that
Sticking to your ploy
Is this something you enjoy?
Publicity and insecurity
Just wanna be me
It's my need to be free

[Repeat *]

** You never seem to wonder
How much you make me suffer
I speak it from the inside (keep it to myself)

Looking right at me (at me)
Won't recede my plea (my plea)
Tell me what you mean (you mean)
I'm not what's on the screen
Thinking what will be (will be)
Find innovatory (atory)
That's quite enough for me
Makes me wanna scream
(Scream, scream, scream, scream, scream, scream)

Keep it to myself

[Repeat * , ** , * , **]

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