Drive by - Sugar Ray

Mark [left speaker]: Chile Tacos, may I take your order please?
Stan [right speaker]: What?
Mark: Ba da DA DA DA, BA DA la DA DA! Chile's Taco,
may I take your order please? Would you like to try...
Stan: Uh, no thanks, can I get two--
Mark: Pull over to the window so I can see you. (x2)
Stan: Wait, can I, can I get two soft dogs with sour cream--
Mark: Okay, may I take your order please?
Stan: Yeah, I said two soft dogs with sour cream.
Mark: Whatever.
Rodney [right speaker]: Get a shake.
Stan: A...what kind of shake, chocolate or vanilla?
Rodney: Chocolate shake.
Mark: Large chocolate shake?
Stan: A large chocolate shake.
Mark: Large chocolate shake.
Stan: Two green burritos...
Mark: Two greeeen burrrrritos.
Stan: Yeah, two green, with extra sauce, and ah wanna
quesa, a chicken quesadilla.
Mark: Okay, it's a deal.
Rodney: Combo burrito.
Stan: And a combo burrito.
Rodney: Do we have enough money?
Stan: Yes, we got all the money, could you read that back please?
Mark: Yes. You would like two Big Macs, quarter-pounder
with cheese...
Stan: No! No! I did not say, did not say hamburger!
Mark: Would you like a twinkie?
Stan: F_ck! Those burritos!
(laughing in background)
Mark: $4.50 at the window, thank you!
Stan: SH_T!

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