Sweetest Sin - Sugarland

Can you image us making friends?
The way it would feel the first time that we talked?
Can you think of it the way i dream of it?
I want you to see it like I'm seeing it
It's picture of wonderful vision of you and I.

Your finger upon my fingers
Can you just picture this?
Your finger tips on my finger tips
Your skin upon on my skin
Would be the sweetest sin
that would be the sweetest sin

All night I lie awake
Because it's to hard to take
Dreaming about friendship that we could make
All day i think of trust to get you next to me
I want you so bad that I cant barely talk

Its a sign of my obessession
that i cant stop thinking about

(repeat chorus)

It would feel so good to be so bad
You don't know how bad
That I want that
I would do anything to know everything about you



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