Ambell Waith - Super Furry Animals

Codi'n fore i osgoi'r lli,
Moduro'n gyflym i bendraw'r byd.
Deffro'n fore mewn dinas bell,
Cynefino mewn cwmwl saethug.
Pen y daith, Hiraeth, Ambell waith.

Llygru'r moroedd gwyrddion llawn pysgod prin,
Malu'r awyr a phoeni dim,
Credwn bopeth ar y teledu a gwyn,
Nodwn fod y byd mewn lliwiau,
Ambell waith, hiraeth, Ambell waith



Wake up early to avoid the flow
Motoring quickly to the other side of the world
Wake in the morning in a distant city
Acclimatise to a an idle cloud
End of journey, homesickness, sometimes

Pollute the green oceans full of rare fish
Break up the air and not worry
Believe everything on the television and ache (lust or twitch also)
Note that the world is in colours
Sometimes, homesickness, sometimes

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