All Lined up - Swans

I see them all lined up
Like broken children at the wall
Their skin is hanging off in sheets
Each face is painted like a whore
Their blood is shining in the sun
Their wounds are powdered with white salt
Their lips are shedding silent words
I see my name as it spills out
I see them walking on their knees
Led in a chain by laughing girls
I see them s_cking on the dirt
As if inhaling the whole world
And one by one their throats are cut
And each one sings his choking song
And each one sings his lullaby
And each one falls and then he's gone
And I feel good
Yeah I feel fine
Yeah I feel good
And I've been waiting far too long

I see their bodies in the pyre
Leaking black smoke into the flames
And all the people stand around
Shaping lips into my name
And soon the sun begins to sink
Behind the wall of dirty air
I see their bones there in the pile
And taste the smell of burning hair
And all the children howl for milk
The rain spits down a million knives
I see you running through the field
I see you running for your useless life
I feel you choking on your tongue
I feel your breath attack your chest
The dogs are ripping at your feet
I see you bleeding out your happiness
And I feel good
Yeah I feel fine
Yeah I feel good
I finally got back what was always, rightfully, mine.

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