Jim - Swans

It's time To sleep
It's time To leave.
To loose The binds
To lose A mind.
Time to Exhale
To drink the green sea
To drift Upon The scarlet breeze.
It's time It's time It's time to begin.
It's time It's time It's time to just leave

Let's raise up our hands in prayer,
Walk barefoot upon this carpet of air.

Let's string up the man
At the top of the stairs.
Let's piss on the city
That's burning down there

Jim Jim Jim oh Jim.
Jim Jim It's time to begin,
Ride your mechanical beast to heaven.
Ride your beautiful b_tch to the ultimate sin.

Don't cry. Sweet plum, no regrets
We will strangle you up in the loft.

These methadrine teeth are piled up in the sink
And your mother is screaming to finish him off

Now heaven will come, we will rise again.
Heaven will come, we will win.
It is 200 miles to the place where we begin.
Yes heaven will come, we will win...

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