The Mirrored Room - Symphorce

It's not too late to turn around
Time to forget about this thing that drifts me out
You're watching close enough to see I'm passing by
But it makes no difference it could have been a lie
The light's spreading and I hear your laughter
While you're heading from the ground
When you feel like you're alone
Where the light draws near
Now understand what you own
Depth and it's form unclear
Inside the mirrored room
It makes me laugh to see the things you do
But all your wishes could right now be coming true
I faced my fears with dreams I can't forget
The only reason I ever think of with regret
I'm trembling through a different state of mind
Wondering have you come so far?
And still you're here and stand alone, anxieties will loom
A place called home, you hide yourself within the mirrored room

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