I'm High - T-PAIN

Yea man, I'll smoke wit chu you know what im sayin?
Im sayin it aint nuttin you know what im sayin it aint sh_t to me
You know what im sayin it's just like i dont wanna be gettin high cause that sh_t be lookin like it be havin n_ggaz you know what im sayin hahah dont believe in all that haahahaaha ha yawp
Naw man i think it's gettin tired tho man no joke ferreal
Watchu got a swisha? or that's a philly or what?
Oh that's a swisha ok i mean u know n_ggas rappin about swishaz and sh_t dont believe in all that ahahaha
Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-chaall hahahaha
U know what im saying?
I hit it man roll it
Oh u got one?
Alrite man lemme hit that sh_t

:: Verse 1 ::
You can KNOCK on my door
But aint nobody home
I might be there
But im GONE cause im stuck off a Zone
Im Half baked like the Guy on the couch
I dont get high on my grouch
So i puff on my line and be out
I call my roll dogg pick me up
Wit weed lets hit the road dawg
You blew up wit the hood rat
The F_CK u break the code fo!?
God damn i think that im high
Too much haze
But i see my ghost pass within the blink of a eye
And my ghetto n_ggaz know how it feel
I smoke more than a building on fire
Roll more than the wheel
I get stuck like a car in the mudd
And blow my greens out
And call my n_gga T PAIN and ball us some buddz
And CHOKE till i think imma cry
oh i think imma die
Naw dawg i just think that im High

:: T-PAIN ::
Shhhhh, see i aint ever smoke before
So imma take two hits and imma ** blooooww * my mind AWAY
I never thought I'd be gettin High todaaaayyyyy( HEY )
Now it's on me again
So i take another pull ( woooooo )
We in the caddilac, floatin like the ocean
Suddenly everything was movin in slow motion

:: CHorus ::
So i take another hit
Nd try to RELAX
Im beatin on my chest
CJ beatin on my back
Somebody help me i think im about to die
But i got it
I got it
So i pass the blunt and it came right back to me
But i know this smoke is still runnin through me
I dont think imma ever open my eyes
My homeboi said WWHHHYYYYY?
And i said cause im hiiuhhiiiiuhhiuuhhhiiiiiii
Dawg i think that im hiiuhhiiiiuhhiuuhhhiiiiiii
Dawg i feel like im hiiuhhiiiiuhhiuuhhhiiiiiii
I really think that im hiiuhhiiiiuhhiuuhhhiiiiiii
Please stop by the store cause my mouth dry and i don ran out vow (oo dem lil debbies got me licken my chops but i just want to drink and pow new sauce in the box maybe switch a gang a three i seen fine behinds that want to hang with me longs as i bring the weed i said cool ima ride on thooo 3o minuts later we was high in the room

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