Rappa Ternt Sanga (Intro) - T-PAIN

Ay that's how it go man [x3]
Sh_t im just a rappa ternt sanga man (what you is dog)
Im just a rappa ternt sanga man (what you is dog)
Im just a rappa ternt sanga man
Ay what you is dog
Don't even worry bout it

Ay, naw let me tell you a little story
About this young rappa man
Sh_t, from the start in his heart
He had a pass in the same
Put a pass in it mane
Rappa, producer
A whole stack of thangs
And then one day he said to himself
You know a man has to change
So now he a rappa, a sanga, a danca, a romancer
Man cancer can't be way more to serious
Im tryna drop this real but they aint hearin this
They fearin this
Used to all that sh_t they hear on the radio
I bet you I can stay here or somebody
And they gone play me though
So we came up, not givin a f_ck
What a n_gga gotta say bout Pain
Got n_ggas lil ladies
Droppin they panties
Smackin they fannies, sayin his name
So Im playin the game they want me to play
Sayin everythang they want me to say
And I promised home boy
If I get back to this rappin
It wont be today
Aint got time for the rap sh_t, bap sh_t
Make a hand clap sh_t,
Nappy, nappy, nappy mo nap sh_t
That sh_t second
This sh_t first
That sh_t harder
This sh_t worse
And this sh_t curse me
And it hurts me to let it go
But I gotta come back to the sack
To let these otha n_ggas know
That it's another side of Teddy
Another dub side on the machetti
A f_cking prime spot on the Chevy
The situation gets heavy
So find it in yo heart
To let me put this gang bangin sh_t away
I've made it up in my mind that Imma change today

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