Welcome to Thr33 Ringz Intro - T-PAIN

Hit this shorty man
I gotta do this sh_t every night man
I'm so sick of this circus sh_t
So sick, listen to this, everybody clappin an' sh_t
This n_gga sangin and sh_t, cause he the ringleader
(Why you say all that sh_t n_gga?)
I'm just sayin, this n_gga think he the ringleader an' sh_t
F_ck that motherf_cker!
(I know one thing, if muh'f_ckin Pain knew we was out here)
(smokin in his Cadillac right outside the tent, this n_gga'd be mad as f_ck)
Maaaaaan, man f_ck Pain, f_ck this clown sh_t
I can't be a clown (God damn n_gga!)
(I'm sayin I gotta do what I gotta do) F_ck that n_gga I can't be a clown
(I got kids n_gga) N_gga all we perform for is kids, f_ck this sh_t~!
(This what we do n_gga)
{HEY!! HEY!! N_gga get your sh_t together we doin a brand new show tonight}
{You n_ggaz stop smokin in my f_ckin Cadillac...}

Thr33 Ringz, class clown jump, third time around y'all
If I was just to step in the ring, and out of the box
Would everybody be on my... or will I stop
Say hello to my lil' friend, hey, styles change up like Lil' Kim
Fake, I let my heat swing, T-Pain so active homey
The way the beat bump n_ggaz try to get Proactiv on me (DAAAMN!)
But I done (cleared) the rumors
E'rything in the open, now you know how big the room is
Tell 'em what the truth, they can't handle it
They thank a n_gga's slicker than a mayonnaise sandwich
Uhh, but they be like g-g-g-God damn it, pause!
This n_gga pockets fatter than Santa Clause (OHHHHHH~!)
This n_gga career big like some granny drawers
Had to get a piano to put his Grammy on
Yeah Ferrari, Bentley, Escalade
Beemer, Bentley Coupe, cut the checks, let's get paid
F_ck a Vette, make it rain, Lamborghini
I don't cover sh_t up like a transfer-tini
I give a damn if you see me I'ma did what I does
I ain't doin sh_t wrong like I'm kissin my cousin
I know you wanna hear somethin different
Ain't you tired of his sh_t!
Ain't you curious about this sh_t
Even if you picked the sh_t up from a distance
At least stand still for a second and listen
I'm tellin you now it ain't a thing
I got the bling bling of a rapper but I sing so welcome to Thr33 Ringz!

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