Check This Dig That - T.I. feat Trae Tha Truth

I say now check this dig that, dig that, dig that
Hey, check this dig that, you know I be getting that
Money in them big stacks, you broke I can fix that, yeah
You broke I can fix that, hey, hey, hey
I say now check this dig that, dig that, dig that
Hey, check this dig that, you know I be getting that
Money in them big stacks, you broke I can fix that, yeah
Come and see me, I can fix that, yeah
Hey, hey, getting money

[Verse 1:]
I'm getting my hustle on and I'm rollin
Got whatever getting that paper,
Fresh out of prison, I'm glowing
Middle finger rated them haters
Get your chick before she gets stolen
One of my partner surely may take her
Send her back to you p_ssy all swollen
So and messed up just like her make up
Got an elephant mirror it's flawless
I remember all of y'all who was talkin
Got a good mind to run in your office
Swoop your ass in front of your bosses
My partner died in my anno
I'm responsible for his mama
His daughter too, bet you she can go whatever college she wanna
Still that rough bands in my bank roll, broke something I can't go
B_tch yellin out I'm the sh_t
I'm like tell me something I don't know
My broker cost in my stockses
Up 20% to my profits, inscreases even in my absence
So my attitude is up anxious
Contract all most inspired... make my contract big and ball sh_t
Got b_tches on my side sh_t, and field already watchin
Just one more year of paper, then I'm back to blowin brocolli


[Verse 2:]
I'm the king of texas I put on
On the block, tryina put the whole hood on
Stay stip, when them other n_ggas steer wrong
Street sip, only thing a n_gga still on
My n_ggas on dip from same sip like shook
Attitude f_ck they sippin good
Tell them I got a mill never gotta worry bout a thing
I represented the best I could
Stackin paper of rap, she get flipped and I'm back to the trap
Trap like... if you don't get that, the b_tch will get slapped
B_tch I pop up, get this proper,.. same things I got shut up
I won't be stopped, by the way you n_ggas seen
Money getting big like look what I got up
You ain't seen that... drop, chain stay icy, b_tch I stay hot
Yeah, I'm truth, that's what you lack
It's my time f_ck your plot
I got my team strong and my guns loaded
City mine, the whole hood voted
This murda bizness they know I showed it
Suicide, both doors flooded,
Touching dod, got that work, cod
They living free, you got a bfe
That talkin cool but ain't sh_t to me
I'll be damn if I go back, this sosa gang and you know that
We earn respect and you owe that
Get the middle finger like hold that!


[Verse 3:]
So many lanes, so much say,
But that's another topic for another day
They know face to face I clown n_gga
Why you ain't talking sh_t now n_gga
Don't try to death me up, you ain't down with us
When I'm anger b_tch, don't I sound better?
Cause I'm so sincere, it's so severe
That you know through all that I persevere
I died along my hopes still... my ghost to fear
My rational is all... just smash the gas take full advantage
My patience short, my temper bad
So you will find me everywhere you ain't at...
Head to the bank with the chip we got
I hug your hoe she passin out
Before she hit the ground I'm mashin out
I'm bossin up and I'm stayind down
Got racks on racks just laying round


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