I'm Talkin' to You - T.I.

I'm talkin to you
s_cker n_gga you can stunt all ya wanta stunt
I know you won't bust a gun (Yeah I'm talkin to you)
f_ck n_gga you can hate all you wanna hate
I know you a fake-make no mistake I'm talkin to you
youz a lame uz a shame to the game
I say it you know what ya name is (I'm talkin to you)
we can shoot it out whenever you wanna
whatever you wanna do boi I'm talkin to you

Ay I'm the best you ever heard about, fresher than you heard about
yeah I'm strapped now p_ssy n_gga this ain't just word of mouth
for n_ggaz wit dirty mouths, I got a lotta clean pistols to wash 'em out
I'm really finna give yo ass some hotter sh_t to talk about
the goons hit the room now you askin what's this all about
fo' you know it ya noggins split ya bottom teeth is fallin out
got a problem wit patna -I see him in the city and call him out
it wasnt for the chopper ain't sh_t I'm gettin all of mine
pop 'em drop 'em call the plan a wake he out forever more
I give it to you straight n_gga I don't need a metaphor
how many different ways is it to say I'm getting cheddar more
a n_gga twice as old way mo' popular need to set at all
Man I just say it to my pops, maybe he could tell ya better boy
patient in the afterlife I'll waste ya in the after life
even after my life haters be after my life
cuz I'ma do in 06 what took 'em half of they life, man I'm talkin to you


I ain't talkin to Jeezy cause thats my brother
ain't talkinto Face cause that's my father
ain't talkin to Bun cause that's my uncle
ain't talkin to Kast cause them ma patnas
ain't talkin to Jigga cause that's my n_gga, the Real President carter
gave me Diplomatic Immunity you and me why bother
man all I gotta do is go buy a n_gga a charger
and he only come in to offer he don't even wanna rob ya
you done f_cked up and started sh_t wit some real sh_t starter
you don fought with a chopper holla what it is patna
you better keep it proper you know what it is patna
this some lightwork ain't even gotta call godfather
Mobsta, had the old phantom now the drop son
3rd the king of cloverland, Slim thug is the boss son
Paul Wall made me the hardest grill I done bought for
for a 100 K ,a 100 carat paul don't wanna talk bra
n_gga wouldn't buck won't dare, you just talk tough
don't try to run from me now whatchu thought bra I'm talkin to you


I ain't talkin to Buck cause he a real n_gga
ain't talkin 2 Pimp cause he a trill n_gga
ain't talkin 2 BG cause he like me, with old cases and will kill n_ggaz
I know you wannabe just like me since you got ya new record deal n_gga
But I don't give a f_ck if you like me no second diss ya not trill n_gga
ya in ya video wearin white T that don't make you no dope dealer n_gga
But I ain't talkin bout no bankhead, carver homes, no adamsville n_gga
you dealin wit a lil gorilla n_gga
10 mill later I'm still the n_gga
Killer Mike, Yung bloodz, David Banner
Bonecrusher they remember when y'all ain't feel a n_gga
Had it out with Chris he still my n_gga
sat down,civilized talk about it like n_ggaz
so I ain't never been served get ya facts right n_gga
for this 40 cal make ya ass act right n_gga
coming against the king get ya stats right n_gga
wanna talk about n_gga, wanna be a hot n_gga
gonna be a shot n_gga, yeah I say'd it what n_gga buck n_gga
like Lil Jon I don't give a f_ck
I give a God damn if I never sell another milla
I take my ass right back to sillahillabilla
compound come down everyday sell yay
Just like the old days stack another mill up
n_ggaz ain't ready for the dust that we kick up
go talk sh_t forget they get hit up
You better be bout that sh_t you kick
Like DipSet b_tch you trynna get wit us
I don't Politic, don't even speak see I don't kiss up
gotta be styles and sheek Jada diss us
diss us...that's goin piss us..see I love it when the government pick n_ggaz
if you don't hang in the air by the name a swizz beats
told mannie fresh he the skateboard P
Clay J-G and Just Blaze taking basically I'm talkin 2 you

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