Jet Fuel - T.I. feat Lil Boosie

I'm the truth, tell it, loud weed yellin'
Get it by the pound, we just smoke it, we don't sell it
What I blow'll make a plane go
Them b_tches say "You got some money but you lame"
We blow, jet fuel, plane gas on your lame ass
We blow, jet fuel, plane gas on your lame ass
We blow, jet fuel, plane gas on your lame ass
We blow, jet fuel, plane gas on your lame ass

Man you so lame, just lookin' at you, n_gga
While I'm in here no b_tch'll give her p_ssy to you, n_gga, no
She say "Not even with a bank roll"
Cause the king gettin' money when the bank's closed
Yeah, she in her heels on her knees though
Yeah, her n_gga call, she don't leave though
Nope, I beat that p_ssy like she stole somethin'
Then tell that ho get up and roll somethin'
We pourin' up, blowin' gas, weed noisy
She on that molly, won't stop talkin' and annoyin' me
I'm like, "Why don't you s_ck a n_gga's d_ck or somethin'?"
Or take it from behind while you eat a b_tch or somethin'
I like my b_tches doubled up like my white cup
I like my pint sealed up, drank poured up
Yup, and you know you don't wanna catch it
You don't wanna see my n_ggas actin' ratchet with the ratchet


[Lil Boosie:]
I'm a jet fuel smoker, crazy like the Joker
S_ck it 'fore you f_ck it is exactly what I told her
Ten bottles, two models, kush sack, it's a jet ride
Go and get my game stash, b_tch, off the west side
Baby daddy face lookin' long, better change that
Make a n_gga drop some change on your lame ass
Bob Marley smoke, spendin' hundred after hundred
Jumped down her throat and in her stomach, now she runnin'
Me and my henchmen, we be gunnin' for the money, blowin' jet fuel
We don't pay for p_ssy cause we f_ck more than we rest, dude
I bet you that your main b_tch'll bless boo
And every ho with her when they see me gon' break their neck too
Rich d_ck in her, I done gave the b_tch life support
High in the p_ssy same way that I was high in court
Flip it, slap it, rub it down, finish, give it back up
Wash the d_ck off while she roll the kush sack up


Better kush if them b_tches wanna blow, of the blow
For the hoes who be playin' with their nose, now you know
That the king all about the dollar bills, quarter mil'
In the bag, slappin' b_tches on their ass with dollar bills
You don't like it, ho? You ain't gotta chill then
Leave the laughin' match and go back to where you live then
Nope, but you don't wanna do that
How this ho blowin' on me, where her trumpet or her flute at?
I brought a pound and she blew that, see he brought two back
Drunk up a pint of lean, ain't sleepin', now who can do that?
She dippin' all that molly, steady askin' where the food at
You don't believe me? Ask my n_gga Jeezy, he can true that
I beat that p_ssy, blew that, man I ain't gon' finesse it
Man you know what I'm smokin', shawty you ain't gotta check it
You can smell it, this sh_t I'm smokin' straight up out of D4
I ain't talkin' but it's loud when the weed blow
Yup, like I'm fresh up on the runway
Wheels up, weed loud like gunplay
On them s_cka n_ggas with their lame ass
You bustas blowin' train smoke, we blowin' gas


What you mean, why should you? I think a more appropriate question would be why not.
I mean, look around you, exceptions to circumstances require exceptions to be made.
Would you not consider this exceptional? Any sane woman would.
But it's not so much who I am as what I am - a stand up guy, man of respect.
This life of value, you can't just go purchase and put it on, baby.
Anybody say they can, they just puttin' on.
Aye, you need to check their certification. I keep my paperwork

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