On Doe, on Phi - T.I. feat Trae Tha Truth

Yea, uh huh
F_ck them n_ggas, f_ck them n_ggas
S_cka ass n_gga
Slap yo nose off yo face (f_ck them n_ggas)

[Verse 1 - T.I.:]
Look, I'm big time n_gga
Ya'll too small to me
And I don't dig ya'll n_ggas
So stop callin' me
This ain't a peace sign b_tch
It mean two to ya head
You know I'm quick to hit ya patna in the chest with the choppa
And ya boo in the leg
Still reppin' A town n_gga
Center Hill what's up
Zone 1 Bank head n_gga
Tote a gun and you better vest up
You know my n_gga quick to hit a n_gga chick
Quick to hit a lick, Quick to run a check up
Dope Boy we the best of n_gga
Raise Techs up n_gga
Try to check us try me
I'm a bust his head quick fast Ricky Bobby
Ask his patna what the f_ck he wanna do about it nada
Huslte Gang bang green all about a doller
Better hold her hand if you give a sh_t about her
When you bring her round me, all I know
I'm a get some head right before I go
Gotta problem we can handle this sh_t off top
Got the thing let it pop
Cool as a cough drop
100 on the watch ball and a decade in
None of my n_ggas fightin' less the rest came in
Was a trial defendant sitting till the check came in
100 of them 21 run it do it again
I ain't got no co-defendant just my family and friends
And a trunk full of chopper rifles, handles and pins
Loaded down in an old brown Buick sedan
Lookin' for it on the way to Alabama again

[Hook - T.I.:]
On everything I love n_gga put it on something
Put it on Doe
N_gga put it on something
Put it on Phil
N_gga put it on Something
Put it on Doe
(I'll) put it on something
Put it on Phil
(I'll) Put it on Doe (N_gga put it on Doe)
(I'll) put it on phil (N_gga put it on Phil)
N_gga put it on doe, N_gga put it on doe
P_ssy N_gga I'm Trill

[Verse 2 - Trae The Truth:]
King of the streets graduated from the bottom
All red whip looking like somebody shot em
Still up in the hood with a sack and a pack
40 cal fully loaded, never leaving here without him
Real n_ggas extinct, feelin' like somebody got em
But I know I got to do it for the team Hustle Gang n_gga
If you disrespect that
I black the lac
Hop out the back
No flack and do my thing n_gga
Rappin' or not just know ain't nothing changed n_gga
It still a get ugly you get up in my range n_gga
Hustle Gang Asshole I'm the same n_gga
That got that fire ain't no way to kill the flame n_gga
On God, I put it on crip
I put it on Screw, I put it on Pat
I put it on Pimp, I put it on Hawk
Gotta do it like a G, I know they never coming back
Word to mamma C, I'm trill with it for life
If I can do it again, I come back and do it twice
I don't give a f_ck about nothing to be precise
Have bullets running through a n_gga crib like they was mice
P_ssy n_gga got me 38 like I'm a spice
You don't wanna see the truth pissed off
I'll shut a whole neighborhood down
One light that's green, You'll know when sh_t kick off n_gga


[Verse 3 - T.I:]
Run up on a n_gga what it hittin' for?
Point blank, left his brain on the window
Had the chain, had a stain on my timbos
Insane in the brain, gone mental
Catch me riding in a range rover rental
With some bad b_tches wanna chill like a mento
Now here's a mental memento you didn't know
You can fit a bird times 12 in Sorentos
Kill go to [?] drop it on they ass like I didn't have a deal
Still in the trap, keep it real like Madea


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