Parlay - T.I. feat D.O.P.E.

[Intro: T.I.]
I got DOPE! BAP!
Grand Hustle n_gga (Hustle Gang n_gga!)
Yeah yeah yeah! Bap! (HEY! HEY!)
Get Dough Or Die n_gga (broke n_ggaz eat your heart out!)
G.D.O.D. n_gga (okay bruh)

[Chorus: T.I.]
Yeah, ay never mind that blahzay-blahzay, all we do is parlay
All we do is parlay, all we do is parlay
Ferrari Maserati riders, all we do is parlay
All we do is parlay, all we do is parlay
We livin every day like Friday, all we do is parlay
All we do is parlay, all we do is parlay
Just ask them hoes they know about us, all we do is parlay
All we do is parlay, say all we do is parlay

Got Maybachs on they block and a watch, tanktop, two chains
Snapbacks and cargos; them racks I got carloads
My flow sick, got parvo, my swag on retardo
A bunch of G's when we ride hoe, we live no Apollo
Got strippers, got star hoes, we talk sh_t, swallow spit
In mansions and condos, they quick to swallow d_ck
Fly G-4 to the West coast, under palm trees poppin Dom P
With a hazel-eyed big blonde weave that got a jungle booty, Jumanji
All I do is wake up, cake up, smear these b_tches makeup
In them new Margiela flavors in Montego Bay, Jamaica
Hundred karat chain, solitaire, no Pave
Never mind they blahzay-blahzay, all we do is parlay


Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ay thug, got me leanin to my left, fake as hell
I be saggin like a thug, buy a hoe the Louis belt
The whole clique, throwin ten, I can do that by myself
My sound ground, they be alien and don't know it like they live[?]
I get my cash straight out K truck, n_gga wanna try me
I'ma hit big cuz ASAP, he gon' drive the fever
Make it failin like it stay flake[?]
N_gga we'll get you well-done, and stay away, the bumpin with my kayfabe[?]
My house stay where the lake stay, Benz seat where my ass stay
I'm makin plays on a good day and only parlayin on a bad day
My Red Bottoms say CL, Benz coupe say CL
Sharp than they two hill[?], oops, now we three hills[?] b_tch!


Ay, all I do is parlay, I do everything the star way
I got b_tches f_ckin with me, p_ssy sweeter than a parfait
Sell all of my parquet[?] at the other end of Parkway
N_gga try me and I'll make that chopper sing like a Bar-Kay
All I do is parlay, all I do is parlay
I been gettin money so I'm callin Target "Target"
All of the b_tches go our way, I'm killin these n_ggaz the bar way
You can't be a n_gga they say is a dog unless they referrin to Shar-Peis
Me and that Gucci won't part ways, b_tch I be fresh as a fool (fool)
These are the brooks in my forte, sometimes I be dressed in the cool (cool)
I know I be winnin cause s_ckers be constantly tryin to catch up with my mood (mood)
Sit back and watch while I turn up a notch, just [?] just what I do (do)


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