Shake It Off - Take 5

Shake it off
Chillin' in the club, got my boys 'n me
And the party's all trippin' in the V.I.P.
The DJ's playin' my favorite beat
And I'm havin' a good time, baby

Look across the room what did I see
A really fly girl who needs to leave with me
She was burnin' up the place
She was shakin' and shakin'
She was so fine, so fine

* Took me five months (Just to get to know your name)
Five weeks (To show you I ain't playin' games)
Five days (For you to even let me call over to your house, babe)
Five hours (On the phone beggin' you)
Five minutes (And now I'm here kissin' you)
Five seconds (You got me in a shaky mood)
(And now is the time/and everything is fine)

** Somebody better
Shake it off, shake it off
Shake it off, shake it off
I know you wanna
Shake it off, shake it off
So shake it off (shake it off!)
Shake it off, shake it off
Shake it off
Oh baby shake it off
(So shake it off, shake it off)

Shake it off

Now that we're alone come show me how
I really wanna learn how you get down
Don't make me wait girl I'm ready now
Let's get busy, one time
She started shakin' that body from left to right
Didn't even get tired she could do it all night
But girl put it on me just the way I like
I think I love her, I want her

[Repeat * , **]

I'm never in the time
If only love from side
Seein' you inside oh right in my life
They took control of me
Oh, the heart and soul of me
Hey, they got a hold of me and
Now I can shake with you

One two three, throw your hands up high
Four five six, wave from side to side, shake it off
Seven eight nine, let me see you shake
Ten eleven twelve, c'mon let's do it again, shake it off

[Repeat **]

Shake it off

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