Holding Back The Tears - Take That

I kind of keep asking myself little questions, Like where do I go from here
I seem to keep losing track of time and how long it's been
Since I last had you near

Been a painful road to a door that's closed
Been a gamble that I knew I couldn't win
Been a lonely conversation to this photograph of you
In the mirror there's a sign I must give in

So I'm not holding back the tears anymore
Tryin' to escape the heartache, tryin' to escape emotion
No I'm not holding back the tears anymore
Yesterday's my memory reminding me of all the times, I depended on you

I used to enjoy spending time on my own here
Watching the jaded people pass
Now here I am sharing their plan and their lonely tears
And walking a road of broken glass

It's a constant fight to get through each day and night
It's a war between the present and the past
And the face that's in your mind, Every time you close your eyes
What's the reason, what's the answer, How long will this last


Been a long long time since I heard your last goodbye
Still I hear it clearly every day and night
What's the point in love when you have to give it up
Yet still you need it and it's nowhere you can find

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