Believed - Taproot

frankly modest speech dishonest eyes uponus like a vulture
in the sky hovering carcass moulding earth filthy birth
afterlife friction based upon fiction replacing friendship
untrueness speculation concentration heresy is controlling
us all this flagrant foul stench upon us overwhelming everybody
like an imaginary forklife brother you point you finger as a
scolding motherf_cker s_cker blaming evil upon another under
that pedestal you hold yourself so high above us i can't imagine
what it's like to not a give a sh_t about nothin live the whole
damn story led in motion peers are punished for their individuality
separating us all i can't believe my friends would make such
a lie even though it was i that dishonored your trust but it's
done i can't change the past i am gonna make us last just believe
in me and i'll show you that they're nothing true.

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