If I Fall - Tara MacLean

It seems so far to go
It took so long to get here
Now I'm saying things I swore I'd never say
And I'm afraid again

I thought I had it in me
I used to be so sure
There I was stronger than ever
And here I am blaming the hurt

* And if I fall, I will find a way back to my hands
I'm the only one who can help me find my feet (again)

** Sweet little fighter, sweet little scar
Sweet little fire, in my heart

It seems so easy now
Everything I dreamed about when I was a child
It looks like a good thing's here
And I think I'll stay for a while

[Repeat *]

You came in screaming
And never stopped to listen to your one and only prayer
A place for you somewhere

[Repeat ** , * , * , *]

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