Bang out - Tech N9ne

What the f_ck do I hear mayne? Listen
I think some b_tches coming near me
I need you to do something for me
What's that baby?
I don't know if you can handle this
Sh_t, I can handle whatever
I need you to just bang out!
816 Boyz!

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Here I come baby, the areola mayne!
And the Hennessy got me numb
Like I shot my d_ck with Novocaine

F_ck with Nina if you want to come
Ain't no slackin' in my tappin' b_tch I pump for fun
Got these bad b_tches at the bar, and a bunch of rum
Wanna f_ck Tech? So I guess they want to jump the gun
They want me to bang out, that's what I do when my thang' out
Then I'm gonna put it right in they mouth
Beat the panini til' one of them say ouch
If they came to Nina with tight cats
They end up loose as a goose they pussies to ice packs
Real life Jack, they can be white, black, nice, fat
Just need a crevice to put my pipe at
So when we bang out baby fight back
And I'm a knock it out like my name was young Mike, crack!

Told me to bang [x6]
Like it ain't a thang' [x4]
Let me say your name daddy
When I tell you "beat it up" stop me
Want you try to pull that thang' out
Baby can we shang' out?
Told me to bang [x6]
Like it ain't a thang' [x4]
Let me say your name poppy
When you hear me holla' don't stoppy
Want you to try to wear that thang' out
Baby can we bang out?

[Verse 2: Krizz Kaliko]
I like them kind of girls
Only two kind of girls
Good ol' big ones and big old' good ones
Baby mama girl!
Not prejudice I like the light ones
White ones, black as night ones, (Okay)
My fetish is to leave the lights on, watch her while I pipe her (Okay)
I been around the globe, the motherlands, the mother load
And Asian girls, call them choppies, [?] call me poppy
Down unda' the Sheila's, under the sheets and she's a pleasa'
European girls straighten my Leanin' Tower of Pisa
Middle Eastern girls let me unda' the tunnel
Snake and bat know we runnin'
They comin' back cause' they want it
Ay yo fat girls, come 'ere are you ticklish?
I'm mad niggerish, pull out the liquor and she told me to-


[Verse 3: Kutt Calhoun]
The way you make that booty talk
I know your ass a liar
So when I spank it then you whine for me to pacify it
You call me daddy cause I beat it like my own kids
Them other n_ggas just some minute-men, Uncle Ben's
But I'm a Capricorn I'm packed like I'm strapped for gore
I whip the p_ssy like slave masters, they backs is torn
My pole reels them in, right by they black whiskers
Rough it and catch, then release 'em when I'm catfishin'
Brown, white, yellow, tan, and all the black women
Know I Kutt it bang out and this d_ck is what's attractin' 'em
Even when I pass it to the homies like they Badminton
Now I'm undastandin' why these hoes keep comin' back n_gga


[Verse 4: Makzilla]
Ay ay ay turn me up yep yep loud in here
So that everyone can hear, I got bang bang of the year
Yes them voted me so sexy, Tech and crystal n_ggas lace me
Ya'll then came about my sh_t, oh sh_t, goddamn I'm raisin' hell
Oh well, no, I do not kiss and squeal
I am Vegas secrets so my lips forever sealed
And I'm sorry, in my PJ's b_tch I'm snorin'
Wakin' up like OMG, O-OMG like a alarmin'
Hit hit the snooze pu-wah-uss
Friend walked in now-now there's two,
She kissed her, she kissed you,
Now-now they turn, focused on me
Unzipped the zipper, kissed the hitter,
Bent her over, 'bout to hit her
Now Now M-M-Makzilla's M-M-M-Mister...
Bang Out.

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