Bass Ackwards - Tech N9ne feat Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti & Big Scoob

Mange Strusic! Bang bou yitch!
Follow now see, check it out
I say: this song is dedicated to the ball droppers
But I'ma switch the letters around and say drall boppers!
We coming to get ya so get the message to all coppers
That you need protection or you better have ch'all yoppers!

What a shame when a thang blast at ya
Cause you're lame you're a dame slash actor
These dudes are ho's from screws to toes
They choose to go bass ackwards

Tecca Nina bout to hit 'em wit the woop wop
Now the barrel of my governor is hoo tot
Cause you the type that'll get your whole shew crot
Loud mouth n_gga trippin' thinking that he Putac
Got a strong hand, I'm a mown grand
Little boy, now you f_ckin' with the clong ran
Oh you just showboatin'? It's over now y'all can quit
Cause you can get it for something near as shalkin' tit
Just a crone phall, then it's on y'all
F_ck around and get ya dome sawed off a brone stawl
I can't wait to hear ya squeal and holler
How you set trippin' when you got a multi-dillion mollars, n_gga
Stupid, such a s_cker--
Nuck figgas always got to make a chother bruncha
Never had no problem takin' down another buster
Cause they be doin' sh_t bass ackwards Futhermucka

[Hook x2]

[Yo Gotti:]
I'm Yo Gotti, the drug dealer
I'm Yo Gotti, the thug n_gga
I'm Yo Gotti, my own heir
And if you wanna ODX, then tell Gotti to blow it, n_gga
I've been getting money for a long time
You've been throwing up the wrong sign
P_ssy ass n_gga, you a cross jump
F_ck boy, you a ho n_gga
And you remind me of my ho, n_gga
None out here than a broke n_gga
Got a [?], and an AK, and an FN
Got a white [?], and a white Ghost, and a white Benz
I ain't wantin' with n_ggas, so you don't get money with n_ggas
I don't make funny with n_ggas, I don't get honey with n_ggas
Just keep it one hunned with n_ggas
Tripping one thousand with n_ggas
I rentin' houses with n_ggas
I put in work with the squad, we even so foul with a n_gga
So, f_ck

[Hook x2]

[Big Scoob:]
Bass ackwards, anonymous with rappers
All these n_ggas claiming they maintaining with the factors
When you push a package, would you ever clap sh_t
All these n_ggas talking ain't done nothing but this rap sh_t
Reason why I take this place and had to find some spaces
I killed one of these f_cking rap n_ggas and ate his f_cking face
Glaze at this rap game, mistake I ever made
It hit me wind and rewind, deleting everything I layed
More frim a rap n_gga, rock n_gga, I don't lie for fun
F_ck fame, and f_ck you, and f_ck him, and her too
Had to call the big dog, I had to breathe smoke
But Yo Gotti and Big Scoob, and this ain't called dope?
Bass Ackwards

[Lil Wayne:]
These n_ggas ass backwards
She let me hit that ass backwards
P_ssy n_ggas act hard, get killed for bad acting
Trigger man laugh man
Its funny how this sh_t go
Redrum was the case that they gave me
I sipped slow and stumbled down a slipped slope
I could hide the chopper in the trench coat
Tunechi go berserk in this b_tch
Spellin' stressed backwards, dessert when my sh_t
I'm reversing this sh_t
My double R & R, I park on the curb in this b_tch
The money, I'm submerged in this sh_t
So frankly, I'm stalking Ben Franklin
I am Wayne Carter, oops, I meant Cayne Warter
C_caine on back arter
Flip you ass backwards
B_tch you are bass ackwards if you think that's awkward
Strange Music

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