Beat You up - Tech N9ne

When its drama in the air
Imma beat you up
You don't f_ck with me
I don't care
Imma beat you up
Anytime or anywhere
Imma beat you up [x3]
Yeah yeah

This is anger
This to anybody who say something
Derrogotory about a stranger
Meaning strange music
Or connected its best
If ya just exit when your neck get's requested
To get slit

N_ggas be hiding behind they myspace irrate
But get all buddy buddy in my face
I hate envious motherf_ckers
Better migrate
Off into something other than my state

If you was better than us
Gettin more cheddar than us
You would be measuring up
You n_ggas ain't clever enough
All of you b_tchin because you wishin
You was in our position
F_ck you n_ggas
Anybody blow
We make the decision

Strange music
Trav and tech having threats
From cyber thug n_ggas
Yapping sh_t ain't happened yet
Cause you fags in check
What do we need to be cashing next
That'll be your soul motherf_cker cause your ass in debt

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