Down for The Block - Tech N9ne

Whoooooooo kidddddddd
hhhhoodrich b_tch!

Down for the for the down down for the block
Down for the for the down down for the block
Down for the for the down down for the block
Down, down for the block Down, down for the block
Down for the for the down down for the block
Down for the for the down down for the block
Down for the for the down down for the block
Down, down for the block Down, down for the block

[Verse 1 - Jay Rock]
Down for the block like Shaq O'Neal
Me and my n_ggas hittin corners in the batmobile
My block so hot so keep you enough shots
You slip and you fall n_ggas get chalked like hop-scotch
On my block
I'm in ko-hoots with what's goin on
Take me out the hood but the hood will never leave me, I'm holdin on
as if I'm fallin off the edge of a cliff
If I live and see 80 I'm reppin the bricks
Real sh_t
leanin' like a syrup sipper
Henny and sprite mix it up get a cup n_gga
Pour out some liqour for my n_ggas who ain't livin on the surface
After the bottle we load our clips and put in work
Block sh_t
stay in the house when they set trippin'
A hundred rounds hit n_ggas and wet women
East side N9ne-double-o-five-N9ne Watts California I ain't hard to find
Sh_t I'm down for the block


[Verse 2 - Kutt Calhoun]
I'm down for the block like I'm down for my wife
And if you n_ggaz f_ck with either then it's down with your life
I got no mercy for your f_ck ups or the way that you behave (on blood)
And represent that from the cradle to the grave
Oh my partner he was taught you got to get it how you spit it
Shoeboxes throw rocks hawk spit or talk sh_t
Killer city better watch ya might get set up by some hoes
Better do what Alvin Ailey do and stay up on your toes
Got the dueces and the dres click clackin in the paint
A hard method of surival try to shake it but ya can't
Rather win, lose or draw stand your ground and hold your weight
And if ya still can see your ribs get ya weight up, quit ya hate
Cuz n_ggas know when in a food fight you wouldn't bust a grape
Spike clicks probably better off choppin with
The K I'm down for my block and I love my town
So Killer City stand up and Kutty Cal can stay hound

[Verse 3 - Big Scoob]
Say the word, watch me bust your sh_t
I'm the realest mutherf_cker with this stranged out clip
S_ck the willa on the realer, I ain't playin with you n_ggas
Godzilla with the milla get to sprayin at you n_ggas
Yeah, check my history n_gga when you mention me
Bet they say I'm in da street
ride her n_gga for the V
F_ck the industry
f_ckin what you think of me
I don't give a f_ck, bet you pussies be respecting me
I love the block, cause my sign in the prime time
You n_ggas faked ya steady lying in your f_ckin rhymes
Saw a n_gga, hella twisted off the R n_gga
Gutter b_tter, I be seepin like a ball n_gga
Dessert eagle for the people, I be bustin lethal
Know the cola for the soldier, but this all legal
For the block, I'll be screamin villain non-stop
5, 6 on a mission take it to the top


[Verse 4 - Tech N9ne]
red drawers, red socks, red everything
Look what they've done to me crazier than I've ever been
Like I needed medicine, I don't think it's eratapheme
That is seen, second lettering, This ho-head plus wanted me to rep the block
Sadly I missed the block
Badly and the ones that came before me doctor Bop and Rock
Daddy, plus being surrounded by real n_ggas was my big thrill
Cause I was walked up by stand-up n_ggas from 56 Ville
They helped me get my cheese up love my K-I-D-s much
That's why I would never freeze up when its time to throw B's up
We need a Jesus to relieve us when millies bust
Now we're over seas plus with euros and visas
58, 57, 56, 55th that's my area and I rep it with the quick
How many homies it be grips and they on the sippy trip
Down for the block and it's the same shade as the homie Mitchy Slick, n_gga


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