Dwamn - Tech N9ne

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Speak of my language
People I hang with
You can't find this in ya big book
Never heard before
My crew b_tch look

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Hellurr, straight crown and a burrr
And after I'm finished you know I'm a drink some murrr
But I got 20/20 vision when I'm pitchin, listen
I spot them chickens never slippin like a transmission
You like Baileys, I like ladies, I'm quite crazy
And maybe a little shady to hit tonight baby
Cookies, I gotta bang, they wanna hang, with a real n_gga
All day, everyday, by myself, not a gang
Wanna go night-night n_gga
I'm a so nice I lit up, like a swisher
I don't know why I bit her
We won't stroke by my ni-nuts, Papa getcha
Wi-wi-wi-witch if you hide the puta
Away from me then you can blow me, like a hookah
They know I'm a crowded prusta
On the pooty tang, ya booty bang
And I wish I was your loofah
Oooh, you're sweeter than Dean and DeLuca
Trying to boost ya, this my number that I shoot ya

So hot I need a fan on me (uhhuh), everybody wanna land on me (uhhuh)
So c'mon and put ya hand on me (uhhuh), now what's damn with a wam on it?
DWAAAAAMN! like bam like blaow like
DWAAAAAMN! like blam like wow like
DWAAAAAMN! Say b_tch (say what?)
Okay Ma'am, that's enough to make the whole spot say "DWAAAAAMN!"

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Sound like when somebody get hit on Batman
Always looking for the p_ssy - CAT-scan
Booty's always being watched - black man
Never be caught messing around in the flat-land
I solemnly swear to beat punini
Jiggly jello off in a petite bikini
Women wating in line to meet my weenie
Wanna see me go Gandolfini
Won't you let me reach the creamy
Ain't nobody got time for that
But I got time for getting you behind the clap
Brian Dennis made nina put the dwamn on the DWIIITCH
We drinkin'
We thinkin'
We linkin' with ladies cause they winkin'
Now I can say "damn" but that ain't big
Saying "dwamn" say you seen a whole lot d_ck


I cross my heart like a p-coat
If you bring it here I'm a throw c-notes
Let me flow of in your water like a sea boat
She choked, guess she didn't have a deep throat

Dwamn is when it's impressive
Dwamn is when you seeing some one on some next sh_t
Dwamn is when you listening to nina-tech spit - that's it
But look on the big rump on that b_tch!

Girl I ain't seen in a while
No longer teen in her style
B_tt seams and jeans in a blouse
Like bam. Like blaow. Like blam. Like wow. Like DWAMN.

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