Freaky - Tech N9ne

F -R -E -A -K
this is for my tail clappers,
mail stackers, ass shakers
cash makers, who blast Vegas
Yo, this is for the freaks baby
petite ladies, even my cellulite ladies
this is Tech N9ne baby!

When i was 5 years old
my uncle snuck me into a drive in show,
got in without pay
i hid between jimmy and bay bro??
a triple x flick didnt even know what i was in fo, Yo!
i seen some things that made me feel kinda funny inside, i seen some things, that my momma wouldnt want me to see at this size
I seen some stuff,
home boys in the back was hifin and puffin didnt know when i came of age id be gluttin fo muffins,
homeboy when i seen this, i really mean this,
I was really shocked
and my teammate was really fiendish
It got really hot,
Feel the blanket a little squeamish,
i didnt want it to stop
my uncle said now taz dont piss yo pants, everybody laughed then proceeded to watch,
Went back to school yo
the next day
didnt look at homegirls,
the same way
Started askin neighbors can they girls come out to play,
instead of hide n go seek
its hide n go get it with no delay!


I grew this thing called freaky all sex in my brain it was the best thang
i cought it when i was young and onery just a baby havin nasty dreams
i heard it was a zodiac thang they say, SCORPIO's!!
are known to be freaks
i see somethin lookin good i say Dwam,
and when i see that ass hop i get gee (get gee)


Time kept on movin and my shell is closed
lookin at young girlies sayin there tail is swole,
i'm already hopin that hell is cold,
N9ne lost his virginity when he was 12 years old,
to a girl named marlene
me and her were starving,
fo eachother
under the covers
cooped up like sardines
my hard thing,
started barging,
thought it was retarded
when it spit on her
we started to arguing
heres a lesson to the young folks
dont try this at home
dont start it early like tech n9ne
wait till you are grown
when i was in highschool i would wake up in the morning after id take a shower, id put on a non lubricated condom
cause it could be on at any hour
in my brain is like a disease (disease)
I see a fine girl walkin by i wanna like freeze, (freeze freeze)
i ain t gotta let her know i write hits or i got cheeze,
all she gotta do is look into my eyes, get her hypnotized, and watch her open them L.E. jeans


Now a days im off up in a dope club
i cannot shake it
pretty women i wanna give em mo love
i cannot fake it
freaky vibe b_tches got me lustin,
thats where you bring us,
got me lovin big o b_tts and
that cunt hole lingers
i still be watchin pornos,
eatin digornos,
my hormones,
been runnin wild
since the day i was born-o
tossed ya
wont get off ya
in the kitchen imma post ya
on the sink we breakin dishes micheal douglas and glenn close ya
do you really wanna get up in a bed wit a psycho sex fiend,
if you neva wanna do it in the flesh we can do it in a wet dream
imma get up in yo brain on pain it will be me and you
in a minute
before i get in it
ill tell you boo what i really wanna do
i wanna:

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Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemeni, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, Sagitarius, Picies, Aries,
When i see somethin lookin good i say dwam
and when i see that ass hop i get gee

(Thanks to skylar for these lyrics)

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