Get The Fuck Outta Here - Tech N9ne

Get the f_ck outta here (Nine)
Get the f_ck outta here (Popper)
Get the f_ck outta here (Wall)
Get the f_ck outta here (Yeah)

[Tech N9ne - Verse 1]
I'ma spitter,
You other cats beyond litter
Thats probly why you jus penny pushin and
im bigger, so you hate on me cuz you like paper and im gritter,
wit 2 biancas up on my arms like John Ritter,
My goodness is they talking sh_t again?
When I been player on the day I became a U.
S. citizen, haters keep witishin,
i'ma take a lost but im finishin,
Killer but skriller jus like Percy Miller no limits then.

I aim for digits,100 percent of my people came to get
it, he used to be bigger but then became
a midgit, tookin out the game livin lame and liviage,
so we gotta hate on the next man cuz he
aint got the money, we left him at the bottom now he's
a x-tech fan, get the f_ck outta my face
im willin it's not a mistake you gotta be hot like
me sittin here watchin me expand.

You take falls I take her and take drawls,
they give you the wait stall, they give me the mate
call (ooooh baby), you yay tall, loves is me but hates yall,
thats why ima take all, with pop in the greatwall.

If fraud is what ya sellin
Get the f_ck outta here
when they lie you got to tell them
Get the f_ck outta here
If they steppin up to me wrong
Get the f_ck outta here
You aint got to go home
But get the f_ck outta here
Tellem what to do (what) [X3]
Get the f_ck outta here
Tellem what to do (what) [X3]
Get the f_ck outta here
Tellem what to do (what) [X3]
Get the f_ck outta here
Tellem what to do (what) [X3]
Get the f_ck outta here

[Popper - Verse 2]
I stay in the zone like 28's in a baggie,
a veterin stands here rookie n_ggaz adies (yes sir)
Grab these shove your middle fingers in the sky,
tell it like it is when I rap so yeah I identify,
start from the ground foumulated enterprise,
Get outta here before you get punished and pentlize

I been advized to stay in dis lane hommie,
I swear when I rap I say its not a thang for me,
im icy im shinin although I aint got no chain on me,
even when im inside of dis booth I keep my
thang on me, and when it rains on me I dont complain
hommie, eleminate the probs so I don have
to strain hommie I talks a bunch of sh_t the haters
wanna flame throw me, rappers aint got the
balls or the God the place they aims on me,
Get the f_ck outta here tellem waul told ya,
Its a done deal to everyone of you soft soulja's.


[Paul Wall - Verse 3]
I do this for my partners standin out there on da block,
And I do this for them haters on da
side line that not dispite what dey be sayin I jus
cant seem to stop gettin dis guap I got
alot partner im almost to the top,
I gotta a and cop a new watch a fresh grillz and new
clothes, im tryina comeback candy load sideways on
fo's I gotta get that bread and trow money
over these ho's, cuz my friends be tellin these ho's
harsh words leaves to blows, they mad at me
cuz im da sh_t while they jus sh_ttin,
and I get up off my ass whle they jus sittin they upset
cuz im getting bread while jus layin in bed even though
I started at the bottom ima 100 miles
ahead they still be talkin bad on me tryin to scandle
my name cuz im the main man but they
washed up down the drain they hate cuz they hate but
please dont make no mistake yeah they not
me they cant stop me cuz im paul waul the great baby.


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