Great Night - Tech N9ne feat Ces Cru

Drink, smoke up and
Give up that stuff, B_tch [x10]

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne:]
Before the final destination we make a pit stop
To get keisha then who sits in the back twist crops
Every move a n_gga make in the spot chicks watch
So it's very little tick tock to get bought
Start with Cadillac margaritas, the cat and that
Gargle beatas you stabbin' that heart or haul
It's the habit that scarred the nina
But I'm buzzin' shots by the dozen
[Dare of] the crew, Caribou Lou guzzlin'
It's on like a dome light
When you're tryin' to stuff a bong pipe and zone right
We hit the nation, makin' punani precipitation
And we only got three stipulations


Smoke one, drink some, get done [x2]

[Verse 2 - Godemis:]
Who do I resemble if I ain't ready and willin'
I'm packin' a pack of kill but I'm straight with bein' a villain
My bloody gear from yesterday's probably what I'm still in
But a party ain't a party 'till Strange is up in the building
Which is the way I murder a b_tch I'm a Michael Vick
And it's obvious she wants Donemis told me she like to lick it
Said it was A-OK if you know the play I'mma stick it
I'm flippin' wicked my scheisse I get it while hittin' whip-its
Dig it, I'm a shovel it's funny why try to play me
Get high as f_ck then we f_ck I would say we are tidal wavy
Bustin' right in your b_tt cause I know you don't want a baby
I'm half a mile from oblivion still nobody could save me



[Verse 3 - Ubiquitous:]
Rollin' with the fellas tippin' vow pull a chella
Two lips on the blizzy I flip I get busy
Couple of chicks with me, thick as a brick city
The liquor they sippin' on, pinker than Miss Piggy
Bright lights, little city the middy big trouble
Do me a dirty dozen deliver me six doubles
Indica strain Malcolm, Malcolm is in the middle
It's not the life all she about is that Jimmy Kimmel
I don't have no patience for Prima Donnas
But I'm havin' such a great night I'm bout to go easy on 'em
Marijuana meet my boss, get in line or give it time
But if you really want this sh_t to solidify baby you better


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