Gunz Will Bust - Tech N9ne

[Verse 1]
I know you know this is Kansas City
Where n_gga life don't mean sh_t
So step to and immediately get yo dome split
I pack heat for days run street wit K's and hollow's
On a concrete crusade you made the pill now swallow
You never thought tomorrow
You see me beam up all strapped down wit a pump
Searchin' for the n_ggas on a hunt
Jerkin' on the trigga when I dump
It's not a game dude my killaz will mangle
Anything in my range fool
When hatin' get framed moved
We play the same rules
Bussin' all 32 shot
Lookin' to murder you
Glock they never heard of you
Shocked that I'm comin' servin' you
Snug brim get flashin' innocent til I'm provin' guilty
Snug brim get to blast in
And f_ck the homicide charge I got expazito
A mob figure plus a lawyer and do work for kiloz'
You know the steelo real n_ggas never talk just listen
This deuce sh_t comin' wit heat up out the kitchen

Rough n_ggas in the street will bust 4 the bread
And meat deuce 57th Street and 7 deuce be packin' heat punks
Get the f_ck away from we, for we buckin' these mutha f_ckin' G.U.N.Z.

Dem no won f_ck with us
4 what I believe I will die
Dem no won f_ck with us
If any hataz wanna try
Hands gon throw gunz with bust

Real n_ggas run the streets with they gats up
Everything you got and owns getting' snatched up

[Verse 2]
If you're my enemy my energy
Your rhymes are elementary get lost in penitentiaries
When I begin this century so mention me
And Imma heat the track up if it's loo of you demons
I suggest you go get back up

Load the mac up don't slack up Imma act up on
Any mutha f_cka that think he got his clown suit on get
Stepped on destroy your mind you're wasting your time
Cause when I spit a f_cking rhyme I got a million in line

To listen to me, a b_tch to do me nick naming me hollow tip with a stand off clip
That'll kill your click and will kill your brain if you can't maintain
Better slow your roll boy money hungry ain't no ho boy
That's for sure boy and ya know boy I'll whip your ass like four boys

You're a decoy I'm the real thang I'm a genius you're a pea brain
Get pissed on and whipped on so who you talkin' sh_t on Imma spit on
Any negative spirit that step to me try to take my soul
From under me but I got a lifetime warranty


[Verse 3]
Skatterman cat
Persistantly dirty
From KC
Where in the drought we pay 50 for birdies package short
I call Snug and just give him the word he take ya face
Before he tell on me they'll get him 4 purgery
Hustla's shoot sh_t
Rob sh_t
Loot sh_t
Hard core convicts
Mob sh_t
If you snitch, killin'em on Tech's new sh_t (new sh_t)
Dude we crossin' the color line
Nuff money
Nuff weed
Make a tuff n_gga colorblind
We rap 4 curb servers
That hop in and out of cars
Rep 4 cats wit 3rd murderers
That pop in and out of bars
D12, Strange Music, Rogue Dogs
Regime, Duce Click, Doe Boyz, Yong Gunz
Same team
Same beams
N_ggas that a split ya cherries
Vigilanty's mutha f_ckas with permits to carry
B_tch you scary
F_ck you and that b_tch you married
Cross anyone I named
That sh_t will get you buried


[Verse 4]
It's all out war 4 the punks funk finna jump
Chumps get a lump when I dump tonks 4 the bianks
Gump wanna thump over pumps and a bump

Rumps get it krunk when I skunk runts
Imma munk what you bunk n_ggas want f_ck
What you thunk you get sunk in and trunk

F_ck that we done heard and took enough crap
Trust we bust back when muskrats bust caps
I'm tryin' to touch scratch and bring my hell to parties and
For the last time mutha f_ck Vell Bakardi

You cannot rap with me scrap with me
N_gga to the back of me catastrophe
Hits yo sh_ts raggedy it had to be this tragedy sh_t
S_ck it up don't be mad at me b_tch I'm glad to be rich
You gets none with that fagoty pitch

Imma ex poppin' shroom droppin' rock and roll star
You's a no coppin' ho stalkin' drunk and a old fart it's a shame
Think you quick but you heard we flow quicker plus the b_tches
Don't wanna f_ck a black herpe nose n_gga

This is it yaw, dump this p_ssy off I a pit dog
Doe stackin' and hip hop it must not be his nitch yaw
So take the chicken exit, Technina's whassup
Next time grown folks talkin' you shut the f_ck up

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