Kansas City Shuffle (Intro) - Tech N9ne

Man wake up man, wake up
Damn man (f_ck) where we at man?
Sh_t I dona??t know. 39th and prospects what the sign said, I think we in Kansas City, Missouri man.
Damn man, we a long way from Massachusetts
You telling me man Ia??ve been driving tha whole goddamn time!
Thanks boy, I appreciate it- ooh damn!!
Look at dat! O boy look at dat!
Yea this Kansas City
Yea damn pull ova pull ova pull ova
I gotcha, I gotcha
(honk honk window rolls down)
Sh_t whats up mama how you doin?
How yaa??ll doina???
Sh_t where you headin to baby?
Shoot Ia??m just right up the street
Right up the street sh_t can we give you a ride?
Yea yea thata??s whatsup
Aight sh_t get on in but hey you gotta go around get in on this side
(good lookin, good lookin)
Alrite alrite
Look at this look at this look at this!
Look at that ass sh_t!
Aight baby hold up lemme get da door open real quick, hold up
Hey baby, you gotta tell us where we going to cuza?? you know wea??re not from around here
Aight I can do dat
Ia??ll get lost, where do I gotta go baby?
Just go right up here, make a left
So you live around here?
Hell yea, ita??s right up here see dat? Ita??s right there
Aight aight aight sh_t, hey baby so sh_t what goes on a??round here at Kansas City, you know wea??re not from here
That true, Kansas City cool you just gotta be aware of dat Kansas City shuffle
(at the same time)
Tha Kansas City shuffle?!
Yea the Kansas City shuffle
Whata??s that?
What the f_ck is that?
Yea ita??s like thisa??
O sh_t!

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