Life Sentences - Tech N9ne feat Krizz Kaliko, Joey Cool & Gee Watts

[Intro - Tech N9ne:]
I won't look back anymore, after this
Pitch black, star bright, yeah that's my life
A bit of fire and ice
Watch friends, plot foes, stock ends and pot holes
Cause when the tank hit the bank, it just got closed
Don't be stank in the paint cause the yak froze

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne:]
Wish I knew back when I was strugglin'
If I plugged in and kept bustin'
I'd be buzzin', that'd make me super rich
Never knew my sufferin' over but
Cousin, I keep it up and gushin'
And tell all of my family, aunts and uncles, cousins to do the sh_t
Just gain power through all of the rain showers
No different, remain sour cause someone else's lame hours
Wish I woulda known to tell 'em all to start they own business
Make long digits instead of havin' a boss who talk at the wrong pitches
To fake friends, cause it's never enough
At hostile situations with folks, I learned it's better to bust
First, and you still a n_gga no matter how much ya stuff's worth
You love who love you, do hug who does true
Connect the true blood to 'cause blue
So keep hopin' the Lord does show up
Cause it'll never be no peace on earth for all of us
Till this mug blow up

[Hook - Krizz Kaliko:]
Locked up, I'm free still doing time
I'm stuck, on notes of some of mine
Incarcerated, Sometimes I hate it
This is the sentence of my life

[Verse 2 - Joey Cool:]
Ponderin' these thoughts while sittin' idle in this mezzanine
Feel my feelin's boilin' up, I'm simmerin' on everything
Goin' for the gold because it's shimmerin', but everything
That you encounter seems to be devoured, need a better team
Every thought and every dream, every plot and every scheme
Lurkin' around the corner is a hater waiting like a fiend
And choice of drug is negative, and they use it like a sedative
Success becomes the cause of this effect, abuse the medicine
You thinkin' you can let 'em in, partake in buildin' excellence
The serpents come in twos and they meticulous with they meddlin'
The feathers flock together, see the relationships we settle in
Got consequences so it's best to let 'em go, we blessed again
Disloyalty unfoiled, trynna justify they pestilence
I don't understand why they so [?] manic pessimists
I guess if I had to guess, I'd make an estimate, I guess that they
Was just afraid so watch us levitate 'til I'm at heaven's gate


[Verse 3 - Gee Watts:]
Mmm, Life sentence for fallin' out ya physical body
Illuminate my soul, officially became godly
I be the one, all of these demons runnin' from
Dumped a gun, lifted spirits, n_ggas deem me the chosen one
Phony family in my crowd, rappin' gap and loud
Facin' twelve in the pin, none of them n_ggas made a sound
None of them n_ggas round
Now the fame close and the name boasts
I'm 'posed to break bread? B_tch, taste toast
I should smoke them ungrateful b_tches
They doin' the most to see what make you choke
It actually leave ya throat missin'
I'm on a mission to revisit kin and
My prime been hidden, trynna dine with women
Dipped and find this linen, try and find a business
I love who love Gee, f_ck you if it's f_ck me
That's just how it gotta be, cause I'm paper routin'
Tame nuisance, insane view and check on my lawn
Strange recruit me, guess when the God speakin' strange music


Instead of cry, maybe I'll keep it inside [x4]

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